Monday, March 05, 2012

It Must be Monday.

  Already Monday has me with more sense of accomplishment than the weekend did. I know what I sewed during the last 2 days  was useful and for a good cause but I think because it was just pale green and not lovely fabric it was a bit boring. Never mind a whole stack of little fitted sheets are now ready to go to the Ruel Foundation hospital. I was also able to spend quite a bit of time talking with a friend who is currently having Chemo for multiple myeloma. She is doing so well at this stage, but is really thin.
    This morning by 11 o'clock I has cut out the above 2 coaster parts from the scraps of the heat proof batting to make ( by hand) over the next few evenings. I had done the house work and  cooked a batch of pasta sauce from some of the many many tomatoes needing using. They are going off rapidly now.
 It has tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, black olives, lots of ground black pepper, half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Tastes pretty good.
       I am now off out to plant these 3 packs of bulbs that jumped into by trolley last week when I was at the Garden Centre. The 2 mixed packs had a dollar off but the front pack of frillies was quite expensive. 

 No we did not get bad storm damage here. Some of the male kiwifruit vines have a lot of growth blown out but the kiwifruit crop seems okay. Not so our rellies down in Patea and Waverley area.. Yes, you did see some of the young rellies on the TV News with their milking herds and the transportable generator. 50 homes in the area where we used to live have lost their roofs. We are really surprised you saw that in Canada Dawn and Neil,.


Molly said...

Crazy weather all over it seems this year! Several people dead and many homeless in the midwest after several tornadoes raged through, flattening everything in their wake. Some people hit had barely recovered from similar weather last year....
Glad your kiwi crop is doing well! And yes, those fabric octagons look much more fun than the green sheet fabric, as good a cause as that was for!

Marls said...

Love the look of your pasta sauce-am drooling. I did wonder if those may be rellies that I saw on the news. Feel for those who have been affected by the storm-thinking quilts may be needed!