Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Long Time Ago.

Today was a warm lovely Autumn day as the photo shows. Rose hips, red leaves on the Viburnum  and bees all over the Japanese wind anemones flowering.
 For me the day was made all the nicer from receiving an unexpected email. This one was a blast from the past. I am sure the writer won't mind if I share some of it with you.
 It started :
Hi Miss T......,
 It was a bit of a shock to see that you are only 10 years older than me ( and younger than my husband.) When I was 9 you were all grown up. My husband gave me a tablet for Christmas and my grand children are teaching me to use it.
You were the first teacher I can remember having. You were gentle and kind. Thankyou. Coming from Palmerston North the country and the Maori people were all very new to me. My parents didn't mix much so you made life a lot easier for me. Now days I am a farmer and have some part Maori grandchildren.  Etc.

 The email was from a girl called Suzanne who I taught in my first year out teaching; during the 1960s; a std 2 and 3 class in a very rural Mill settlement in the Central North Island. 
 Wasn't that lovely after all these years for her to want to contact me. I was really thrilled. It is pleasing to think I  had a good  influence on at least some of the  kids I taught.


Diane-crewe said...

it seems strange to hear you talk of Autumn when we are just going into Sring... lovely flowers x How wonderful to get an e-mail from a former pupil like that xx

Jennifer said...

How lovely to hear from someone from so long ago.....and such lovely memories!

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun letter Ali! I think that would be one of the most rewarding things about teaching -- watching your students grow up, make new lives and then hearing from them! Your photo is beautiful -- as always!

Bubble said...

Ali i bet you were an awesome teacher. Your pic is beautiful. Love to you both <3