Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quilts and Harvest.

Only 23 members turned up for Patchwork and Quilting Group yesterday. Not sure why the numbers were down, but we had a pleasant very warm time together. Show and Tell had some great " finishes." We put the finished Mug Rugs on a table. At the back you can see my  black and white example used for demos on Tuesday night that now I will need to put together.
 M finished this lovely William Morris pattern quilt for her son. He chose the pattern! Considering M has sight in only one eye she did a fabulous job with all the appliqué.
 One of our newest members finished this lovely bright rose table runner.
 Ah yes, another quilt with legs!
 MB has a machine that does embroidery so she first made all the lambs, then used up scraps to make the rest. It turned into a lovely quilt for a little person in her life.

 Several ladies have already figured out ways to make little bags of varying sizes out of the Canteen bandannas. We then give them back to Canteen.
Here D is demonstrating how to cut one up then I am then going to turn this one into a bag...when I get time.

This morning we are busy harvesting.... butter nut squash and buttercup pumpkins.
 White Niagara grapes are ready too.
As it is such a repetitive job I have started counting the walnuts as I pick them up. A storm on Wednesday night shook quite a few down. The tally so far is 263.
 Wishing you all a pleasant weekend.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow - that William Morris quilt is superb, congratulations to its maker! You fruit and vegies are looking good. Perhaps you could run a sweep on the total number of walnuts, for a giggle?

Laurie said...

I just love the Roses table runner ... it has given me an idea for some very flowery fabric I have. Thank you
Hugs Laurie

James Honeyfield said...

Wow those pumpkins look good . We're only just eating the last of the ones you sent up to us with N&M. We will have to help with some of those ones too ;-) love from us

Diane-crewe said...

I LOVE show-and-tell x