Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Used My Mezzaluna.

Over the weekend it was wet so the kitchen was a good place to be. I decided I wanted to try and make Lavosh using rosemary instead of sesame seeds. We have loads of it growing. My  (hardly ever comes out of the drawer ) 2 bladed mincing rocker knife was idea for finely chopping it. It is a ( stainless steel ) mezzaluna which means half moon.  and has very, very sharp blades. I keep it's plastic covers on it while in the drawer just in case.
 R was making the second batch of pesto so the air was pungent with basil trying to be bolder than rosemary. I liked the new Lavosh flavour but was cautious with how much  rosemary I put - it  can be over powering. Next time I will put in even more.
 I sewed a little. But will put that in another post. I have started just a little quilt while I think what I want to do next!
 Today R had to go into the city for a medical appointment and was not allowed to drive home so that meant both of us going very early. ( he would have been fine to drive in my opinion., but the huge bandage might have slipped down over his eyes....I think they have a sense of humour or the absurd. ( Driving Mr. Daisy! )
 I was in the city before it hardly awoke.
 Only cars on Grey Street.
 The hanging baskets and little tree gardens were bright.
 I saw something I had never noticed before. The jewellers shop must put all their window display in the safe over night.
 I sat and drank a long black as the coffee shops were open, but, not the bank or PO or other places I had planned to be while waiting. After 9 am the place ( Tauranga )  slowly came to life but mostly it was rather deserted.

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Meggie said...

Loved seeing those pics of Tauranga. So long since I have walked those streets.
Hope Mr QO is ok.