Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clear Blue.

We have had a week of amazing fine weather. Every day the sky has been this colour.These are tall gum trees growing behind the house.

 Today there are some white fluffies in that clear blue, but still a brilliant run of weather.
 This has meant lots of work, work, work. Yesterday I said, "No kiwifruit, I am spending all day doing garden things."
This included a trip to the garden centre, for a few punnets , some mustard seed, 2 new cyclamen and some more moth traps. (I want to protect the walnuts from moths when they are stored in the shed.) Last year's cyclamen is getting buds too I see. We are still picking lots of beans which I never tire of. Courgettes too.
 I worked really hard weeding and planting. Today I helped R take the tomato frames away to store for next year. He dug all the rest of the potatoes yesterday and is going to plant some mustard seed soon to try and cleanse the soil. All this outdoor progress has meant little sewing time, but I have cut out some flower shapes which I am trialling on a panel down each side of the quilt I am working on.
 The colour is right. I will make more and move them around. Do I want them free standing or attached to a plant? I quite like them just scattered . I'll play with it.
* Walnut tally = 537.


Bubble said...

Beautiful,pictures!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Isabelle said...

We had blue sky like that all last week. Now, however... you've stolen it...

Meggie said...

Your beauiful garden! I love that blue sky, and know how little you have seen of it this summer past.
Like those flowers.