Monday, June 25, 2012

Charity Quilts.

My little quilt I have made to go the to the Ruel Foundation in the Philippines is complete.

 It is in this pile of 9 quilts and 3 feeders ( from our P and Q group ) to be handed to my neighbour who works in the Office of the Foundation here in Tauranga. Some of the member of the church she goes to are going up to the Philippines to do voluntary work in July, so they will each tuck a few quilts in their baggage so they get delivered right to where they are intended for. When I looked at some of the photos on their website I can see they now have more space and the wee kids have things to look at and play with. I even spotted some quilts on the beds.


On Saturday our coffee machine decided it was worn out. Well part of it. The washer that sits under the round head ( sitting here on the drip tray ) where you engage the filter holder was perished and the machine started spraying coffee every where. We tried all sorts of first aid and CPR but no it's ......ered.     We think a new washer is available which will be cheaper than an entire new machine. Consequently it has been plunger coffee here for the last few days. R had to go into the city today so he will either order one or bring a new one back. As Deb in Lyttleton knows it is quite an essential piece of equipment - we have discussed coffee brands before. I am now drinking one she recommended. But the pursuit for the perfect brand of coffee continues. It never tastes quite as good as it smells.
The weather here today is very fickle. Gusting rain one minute sun the next; then back again. I have snuck out a couple of times to plant some bulbs and pick jelly guavas but not for long. So soup making and sewing with a little housework for good measure seems to be the order of the day.


Jennifer said...

Can't do without our coffee, can we? I like my plunger, it will do me. Cute little quilt - I'm sure it's new owner will love it!

Thimbleanna said...

Your little quilt is sweet as can be -- the lucky recipient will love it. Hope you get your coffee machine fixed soon! ;-D

Meggie said...

Sounds like a totally good type of indoor day. I used to love those days, to cosy up, and just cook, or sew. Or, better yet, both.

Molly said...

Love your little quilt! It feels so nice to finish one and send it on its way! I'm sure the recipient will bless you a thousand times!

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