Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Day a Year Ago.

This day a year ago we were up very early as the shuttle was picking us up at 6.30 am. By now we were on our way to Singapore and then UK.Gosh was that a year ago?
This day is also the shortest of the year, but I still seem to be getting plenty done. The weather has now stopped any further outside work today - it is just hosing down. Early mid morning and mid day the sun was out.
     Never mind I am quilting my little charity quilt quite happily inside with the fire going.
 So far I am stitching in the ditch securing the layers and working my way from the centre out. No tucks so far -  that's good. It is small and light so I might try something a bit adventurous ( for me ) in some of the smaller spaces.
 I am just finishing the last few pages of a book I have really enjoyed. A true story. Ida and Louise Cook are 2 amazing women, who loved opera and were responsible for saving the lives of 29 people before the beginning of the 2nd World War. 
 Ida Cook's actual job was writing first for a magazine then under the pen name of Mary Burchell.  She wrote about 150 romantic novels for Mills and Boon. During the blitz she was a night watchman in an East End of London under ground shelter. While there she noticed that many folk had beautiful quilts they were sleeping under. She found out these had been sent from America and were all very lovely and well made. ( well done those women in USA )( apparently they sent thousands of quilts )
 So making quilts for others ( Charity ) that you don't know has been happening quite a long time now.


Jennifer said...

Sounds an interesting read.....I shall see if my library has it!

Molly said...

Interesting about those American quilts! I'd never heard that. I'm delighted to be celebrating the one year anniversary of your trip to Ireland and England with one of my own! Yes, I will take lots of pictures. Stay warm while I'm gone---and wish me the same!

Cottage Tails said...

Just checked - not on audio yet, drat sounds a good book!
Wow a year has gone by fast since your trip.
Love Leanne

Molly said...

Ballyvaughan for the weekend. Weren't you here last year? Bliss! And a tad chilly, but clambering up those mountains and over those rocks warms one up in a hurry!

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