Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Love Vegetables.

I love veges, especially when I have grown them myself.Since we have had 2 very chilly ( for us ) mornings I decided I dig my first yams. I was delighted with the number and size - I had only found tiny ones when having a wee tickle earlier so when one came out weighing 85 grams I was pleased.
Yams (sometimes called Ocra in other places ) are right at the top of my favourites list.
 Some of my other veg got confused. The cauliflowers were planted right beside the sprouts ( which I don't usually try to grow ) and they must have thought they only had to grow to the same size as a brussel sprout. Needless to say I had to harvest these 4 all together to get a feed!
 If the caterpillars I have been removing digitally from the plants are an indicator of where tender and tasty food is  I think the wee caulis  will be yummy.
Today I am now  feeling a HUGH sense of relief...because early I went for my 3 hour dental procedure. Remember a few weeks ago I had a very expensive filling? Well that only lasted 9 days before breaking it had to be plan B. A crown. The dentist did a deal and said he would credit me the $ 677 if I let him remove an amalgam filling in the next tooth to the one being crowned. Of course I said yes...if it can all happen at the same time.
 I was let out for good behaviour after only 2 hours and 15 minutes, but am now $1,862.00 poorer. I am just gaining the feeling back and am feeling very hungry. The new  teeth feel so smooth - I hope I have no further worry with them. While I was at the dentist I was telling myself this is nothing think of poor D who is over in Waikato hospital having the chemo part of her treatment. I do so hope my quilting friend  is okay. 
On Tuesday the double glazed ranchsliders ordered months  ago were intsalled. I went to the city for the day. I knew I didn't want to listen to the skill saws removing the old ones . R was put in charge and had to help lift ; make coffee and lend tools etc. He had even started trying to clean up when I got back. The new ones look lovely but are not yet finished. Filler and some cover plates need to be added to make it airtight( so a tad drafty still ) . In the process because they didn't take them down one set of vertical blinds got damaged. I think grit from the angle grinder has got in them and 4 won't turn or slide that is the next thing to fix.
 While in the city I got lots of jobs done and some shopping that really had to be done and some that didn't as well!.

Leanne is having trouble with pukekos eating her veges. We have been having trouble too - since we picked all the kiwifruit ( one of their food sources ) they are now pulling out Spring bulbs throwing the tops down and eating the bulbs. War has been declared and there are now less. R is a fair shot.
Still on the subject of birds...yesterday I saw 2 tuis taking a bath together in the bird bath but both telling the other this is my bath you P... off. They go under the water at least 6 times. Must have been cold!  


Isabelle said...

Oh dear, teeth - even worse than my recent problems!

You're very observant - our blue bench was badly needing mending and scraping down and painting, so R - having done this many times before - decided that he was too old for this and bought a new bench. The consumer society... The bench (or at least the end bits - the wooden bits had been replaced many times) used to belong to his grandparents, so had done many years of service.

Cottage Tails said...

Ouch re dentist!
I'm so emerald green with envy of your yams. What biggie's you grow. What is your secret?

Cottage Tails said...

I've just popped in again to show the family your yam at 85g. That is the weight of a new born kitten. I can't believe how BIG it is

Laurie said...

While living in the middle east we ate Ocra they were nothing like Yams .... they were Green funnel shapped veg we also knew them as ladies fingers, I wonder how each got it's name when they are so so different.
Hope you are keeping warm and have your soup on that lovely fire box.
Hugs Laurie

Molly said...

Glad to hear the tooth problem got solved, albeit at enormous expense! You'll need choppers in good working order for all those yummy looking vegetables!

Meggie said...

I do so love reading your blog Ali. XX

Meggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meggie said...

And, My Gosh, Do I love yams!! I never knew of them until I lived in the Sth Is, and they became a passion, for our whole family. We never see them, here in Oz, & I have no idea why.

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