Thursday, June 07, 2012

Just a Little Older.

 Yesterday saw me cleaning up this lot - lovely for my compost.....many more to fall yet.
 The oak tree here is almost done. I mowed this lawn on Monday and this lot has fallen since. It is wonderful compost when mixed with grass in the catcher of the mower.
 I have been picking camellias for the vases lately. Here are the ones on the sideboard.
 On the other end of the sideboard are these lovely cards.
 As it is a special day for me I also got an early morning phone call from my very old Aunt. Having marvelled at the stamina of the Queen in the last few days, I realise  there are some wonderful role models out there for older woman. Luckily it only happens one number larger at a time.

 These are gum trees behind the house on the hill and quite close behind the shed roof. Some of them are being felled professionally today for firewood for next year.
 The first one from this group has just hit the ground with a huge bump - shook the house.
 I'm off now to take some photos.


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ali!!!

Jennifer said...

Best wishes on your birthday! One year at a time isn't too bad....just imagine if it was a decade at a time, doesn't bear thinking about.

Françoise said...

Happy birthday to you!

Diane-crewe said...

another number.. but still able to make compost!! lol x

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday .... and what lovely Camilia's mine are all late ones ... wish I had some early ones for the garden is deviod of flowers at present .... Laurie

Nicky said...

Belated birthday wishes Ali, I hope you had a wonderful day! Your gardens are looking wonderful, so neat and tidy too...

Cottage Tails said...

sounds like a nice birthday. Happy belated wishes to you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday year.
Love Leanne xxx

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