Friday, June 29, 2012

You've Got Mail.

You've Got mail are lovely words to hear aren't they ( really liked that Film too! ) When R came into the house yesterday morning he said, " It looks like you have got 2 proper letters." ( Not business ones ). Sure enough, I did have - lucky me.
 Now email are wonderful for a whole other reason but sometimes actual hand written ones are delightful. Both were special for different reasons. One was from my only sister who doesn't have email, ( moan) so handwrites her letters; the other was very shaky and written by my friend D ( remember I made her a little quilt to take to hospital ) from Hamilton Hospital where she has been having treatment in isolation for the past 2 weeks. No visitors at all, so none of her quilting friends could visit her. Hopefully by the sound of it she may have turned the corner in her treatment and is slowly starting to feel stronger again. She was allowed out of bed to sit in a lazyboy chair  in the sun in the day room. She said on the back, "If you get this letter it means I have managed to make it all the way to the desk to post it to you." ( sniff, sniff )
 if you have good health as I do, don't ever take it for granted. Enjoy every day in every way you can.
 R has been trying to cut one chainsaw tank full of petrol a day. The pile for next Winter is growing! ( this will dry till then and be put through the splitter ). That's gum from some of those big trees that were dropped recently.
We got an email reminding us to take part in the" NZ Bird Survey" again this year. If you are interested check it out. 
 My coffee machine was quickly repaired, very soon after I wrote the previous post. Yea! ( only cost NZ $10 too! )
 What have you got planned for this weekend? Something good I hope - I have!


Jennifer said...

That's a great pile of wood.....we could do with some here right now!

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