Monday, June 04, 2012

Next Little Project.

This is how much I have completed on my next project. A quilt for a child's bed; to be donated to the  Ruel Foundation. I started in on Saturday, at our Charity Quilt In, using up as many parts and scraps as I could.
 Now I am making more of  these 4 patch blocks, didn't have quite enough; for the next border.

 Muriel was finishing this lovely blue quilt top off. ( made from left over blocks and scraps ) If she donates this I will be surprised it is so nice I think she should keep it.
 All blue quilts should wear red shoes don't you think?

 I just have to show this next photo. One of the ladies said, "Does anyone want anything from my scrap bag?."  You would have thought it was a Smith & Caughey  Sale. Ladies who don't need others' scraps grabbing bits of fabric. One even snacked a piece out of another's hand. Those of us not going through the scraps were killing ourselves laughing. I have never seen these girls behaving like that before. I did take another closer photo but it is just a blur of hands.
 The rest of the weekend seems to have been far too busy for a Holiday weekend - how does that happen? R is cooking dinner as he wanted to use up the last few aubergines he grew ( his fav ) , so I went out and mowed all the lawns. Now I feel tired, so better try and put my feet up for the rest of then day and pretend it was a holiday. ( Idid however get a lot of different things done.)
Walnut tally = 4,463


loulee said...

I love watching other folks orphans and scraps come together.

Jennifer said... quilter's scraps are another's good fortune!

Richard Healey said...

I love that top box it is way cool.

qifei2012 said...

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