Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Show and Tell Items.

 Thank you Thimbleanna;Jennifer; François; Diane; Laurie: Nicky and Leanne for your Birthday Greetings. Above is me playing around with the camera while waiting for food to arrive at the table on Thursday night. It was a very large glass and I thought a bit difficult to drink from as it had to be tipped so far to get at the wine - I managed. I had a pleasant Birthday thank you everyone for cards, gifts, phone calls and email messages.

 We have started eating the sapotes and they are particularly juicy and tasty this year.
 They taste of smooth vanilla custard and are sometimes referred to as custard apples.
 On Friday at P and Q, we had a Quilt Journey and some Show and Tell.
 N made this tiny bright quilt for a wee tot in the Philippines . I bought home 9 quilts for the Ruel Foundation hospital in the Philippines . Mine is still to be added to the pile which I will deliver to them soon.. 
 M took 10 small bags made from bandannas to Canteen.
 This is the quilt D made from bandannas for Canteen.
She used quilt as you go so the back looked like this.

C ( one of our newer members )  finished this quilt.She started making the blocks in  the 1980s!  She didn't know what to do with them, so put them away. Some of it is poly cotton. Someone in our group suggested she tried putting them together by quilt as you go and she was able to finish it.She got an extra loud round of applause cause we don't often have finishes after 25 years or more.

M told us of her Quilt Journey and showed us many lovely quilts. She got quite a surprise when she started collecting them from off the beds and walls and around her house - she had more than she thought -  here are just a couple.

 Over the weekend I have been to a meeting; shortened then hung  some new curtains for one of the spare rooms, done a little sewing on my wee quilt,  been for a walk; picked the last of the persimmons, watched a good game of rugby on TV ( NZ beat Ireland )- it was an exciting game, well played I thought. Also got rid of all my letters in a game of scrabble twice!
 I have about 30 photos of the tree felling but don't think I'll put them all up here!. Off to sew some more now. Hope your weekend has been restful but interesting.


Jennifer said...

25 years.....that is one long-term UFO!

Meggie said...

Love seeing the quilts. I like the look of the sapotes- the custard apples we get over here have multiple pips!

Meggie said...
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Meggie said...

Also meant to say, belated Happy Birthday! XX

Diane-crewe said...

dont you just love show-and-tell x

Molly said...

Oops! Dropped the bakll on that one.....Happy belated birthday, fellow Gemini!

Françoise said...

Lovely show and tell, and the sapotes look yummy. (never saw these fruits over here I think!)

Isabelle said...

Happy belated birthday from me too. Have been reading back - love your selvage quilt and your baby ball. And everything. Aren't you a busy person?

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