Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Quilter's Day Out. Part 2

Wall hangings that took my eye were:-
Framed Fronds by Mary Rose Scott. This is part of a triptych. Each flower was different but the leaves the same. They were mounted on board ,(so not technically a 3 layered quilt ). I hope I got the maker right as there was another set of 3 elsewhere in the exhibition.
 Let's Party, by Rosemary Rush was the entry I liked best of the 22 in the Challenge. "Celebration," where a selected piece of fabric had to be used.
 There was also a display of  last year's Hoffman Challenge. The entry I liked best was Beyond the Garden Gate, by Susan Worthington.  For my eye it would have worked even better if it had been set slightly to one side . It was also disappointing to notice one entry was almost a copy from a previous year. Entries are to be original.
 Anne Joule 's entry in the mixed media section called Forest Floor was well done.

 It was the detail of the water and on the leaves that I admired in Rosemary Rush's, Feathered Friend.
 Lynne O'Donell had started this in a class with Chris Kenna. It so said Chris Kenna I didn't need to read the label. It is called Across the Sea to Hill and Sky.( Well done both pupil and teacher - I love it! )
 I will perhaps put up one more lot of photos from the exhibition,  - next post.
 Up till now I had not mentioned what was happening in the orchard. Unfortunately we have detected the first symptoms of PSA vine disease in our kiwifruit. Late yesterday I came across the 2nd patch( in the same block )  showing early symptoms, so this morning we have both been down in block 1 carefully cutting out the patch of canes showing signs. Every scrap of it goes into a large plastic sack to be burnt or buried. Each final cut is done with secateurs disinfected with meths and the wounds / cuts sealed with protective paint. It takes ages to do and has to be done trying not to touch any other uninfected plant.
 I wonder how bad this is going to be for us ? ( the flower buds will be opening in about a week, a few already are )
 There are very few orchards in our area now that have not got some vines showing symptoms. We are hoping with careful scrupulously clean methods we can contain it.


Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with the orchard...

Molly said...

Love those framed fronds and the landscape scene! Sounds like tedious, but necessary work to save your kiwi crop. Good luck!

Meggie said...

Certainly some wonderful work.
Good luck for the orchard.