Monday, November 05, 2012

A Quilter's Day Out.

Again this year our group took a bus to Auckland to the Auckland Festival of Quilts. ( known in previous years as Calico Christmas )
 Here are a few of the bigger quilts I liked.

 Moon Shadows by Anne Joule ( detail in top photo ). It was English paper piecing at it's best and hand quilted; made from  men's ties.

For Lisa with love by Anne Robertson.

"Gaia," by Maria van Buel.

 Mike and Becca's quilt by Christina Jones.

 Anna Breytenbach had several quilts again this year that won prizes . She has used a technique called rouleaux inserts and borders.seen here in the detail
There are some other photos of her quilts ( one which won Best of Show ) on this site and still more photos of this show on this site.( on her Saturday's post )
 I will have more on my next post -  wall hangings I liked.

 PS. We had a great day out as usual!


Molly said...

So Beautiful! Nothing amateurish about any of those! I enjoyed following the links too. Amazing, isn't it, the variety of blocks you get by giving black and white fabric and one other colour to a bunch of quilters? I'll bet no two were even close to being alike...Thanks for sharing!

Meggie said...

Thanks for sharing. Love to see anything magic, and these are just that.

Meggie said...
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