Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quilt Blocks and Glimpses of Nature.

 Yesterday I posted off my 2 log cabin blocks to Donna in Tennessee to put in the quilt she is making up for  gifting to folk affected by Sandy. I hope they get to her in time. They all had to have that black border around the outside so all the blocks would have a common element.

 Yesterday I also had a close encounters with  this fellow an NZ weta ; a large headed weta or (  hemideina megacephala - neat name ! ). ( no I didn't know that I just looked it up ) It was in the porch on my old outside broom  At first he appeared to be asleep and  I took him out side in the light to photograph. He just looked up & stretched. Later he had wandered off. 
 Yesterday afternoon while working with the kiwifruit I looked up to notice this nest amongst the leaves and kiwifruit flower buds
 It was above my head so difficult to photograph. I held the camera up there where I thought it could view inside the nest.
 The outside of the tiny, tiny nest appears to be plant roots. The inside feathers and something shiny and silky and soft.
 Only one very pale blue egg ( so far ). Now I want to know which bird this belongs to. I have looked in my ( old now )Fiat Common Book of Birds, and nothing seems totally correct. It  has to be a tiny bird. Maybe a Chaffinch or a Goldfinch but more likely by the size a Silver eye ( wax eye ). The egg colour is wrong for a grey warbler. Maybe I just have to keep visiting and watch.
Today is dull with odd skiffs of drizzle. R is off mowing the avocado blocks as we are supposed to be picking avocados for export on Monday. The forklift and bins are here will be weather dependant. I wanted to work in the garden. I have weeding to do and plants and seeds to plant. I think with a rain jacket on I'll be okay.
 We are now on the list of  kiwifruit orchards with some early symptoms of psa. Many orchards in our area found symptoms at the same time as we did. the weather today is just what is NOT needed. We need warmth and sunshine.Come on Mother nature help us here please. 


MandaBurms said...

Oh bother - I hope the PSA can be controlled.
Loved looking at your nest, I look forward to see just whose home and baby it is.
Love Leanne

Meggie said...

I love that little birds nest, with egg. Would you mind if I share it on Up? I will credit you, of course.
Love those quilt blocks, so interesting when full of differing fabrics.

Ali Honey said...

That's fine Meg.