Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday Already.

 Having been sent a photo of a Passionfruit flower from my Son's garden I thought I should show this little wall hanging by Sonya Prchal. It won first in the professional wall hanging category at the Festival of Quilts.
 I also liked this quilt by Jane Bennett - Moontide.
 It used beautiful Japanese themed fabrics.

 Otamuri Memories by Wendy Ballard , portrayed a typical NZ Summer scene with pohutukawa tree.
 There were other quilts and wall hangings I liked but that will do for now.
 Life in the orchard becomes more difficult daily. I am too good at detecting early signs of psa disease. Everywhere we find a small patch of either half browned fruit buds or tiny square spots on leaves. It has to be cut out, bagged and disposed of. Secateurs into a bucket of meths paint on cut. We are getting quite proficient at it. ( it's rather repetitive ) So far we have not got a huge problem but it is scattered across a larger area than we have hoped. Every place we find some, gets a long red ribbon hung from the wire so we can find the exact spot and recheck it. Block 1 is starting to take on a Christmas tree appearance -  streamers everywhere, Bugger!  R is finding some suspect sites in block 2 b as well which are also marked. Luckily Block 4 over by the avocados seems to be clear. 2a and 3 need rechecking.
 It is bad to be cutting off fruit buds just about to flower but it is the time factor which is alarming us. It is adding to our daily work load. So far today I have not been down the orchard ( putting my head in the sand for a little while and doing other tasks. )
 It's strange really cause everything else in the garden has thrived with the high rainfall and cool Spring temps.( cool temps and lots of rain increase the risks of getting psa bacterial disease in Kiwifruit We think it is spread by wind and birds and insects and on vehicles and people's clothing and machinery and who knows what else ! )
 The roses are looking lovely, some that in past years had struggled.  I sure it was the extra rain.that helped them.
 This rose is Pink Sparrieshoop. It has beautiful stamens and a delicate perfume.I have them in a vase on the sideboard with a yellow wall behind and they look so good.


Diane-crewe said...

hope you get it all... and it GOES AWAY! x

Molly said...

That passionfruit looks like the real thing! Beautiful flowers but the vines are a nuisance! It can't compete with that real rose at the end. Hope you nip all the problem kiwi buds.....

Marls said...

Sorry to hear about the PSA. hope you get it contained.

Meggie said...

I love those roses. They remind me of my childhood, when briar roses seemed to grow wild along the roadsides, along with Honeysuckle.

MandaBurms said...

What a pain for you re the PSA. I'm sure with your eagle eyes you will stop it spreading on your vines.
Love Leanne