Thursday, November 01, 2012

Reviving Cuppa

Anyone who knows me in person is aware that my first choice of things to drink is black coffee, not too strong ( Americana ), but only before mid day. Today I spent almost all day in the city, a rare occurrence for me these days but I had a long shopping list and as we have been so busy it had been put off several times. Today, our 3rd in a row of lovely warm days, had to be the day.......much was accomplished. By late afternoon with the supermarket still to tick off the list I was flagging. Fortunately this supermarket has a cafe attached so a pot of green tea with ginger and lemon was ordered. ( my favourite tea at the moment ) It came with a glass to drink it out of which was very pleasantly fat - sort of 2 layers I think, a small jug of cold water so I wouldn't have to wait for it to cool and a timer. When 3 minutes was up it was ready to pour. It had more than 2 glasses full in it and was just what I needed.
          I have to say that all the shop assistants today were very very helpful and pleasant - I think the shops are hurting and are grateful for any custom. My little effort will have helped a tiny bit perhaps...but I have learned I have days when I can shop successfully and days when I can't find a dam thing I want or like. As I ended up carrying several shopping bags that may have helped....maybe they thought, wow she is buying not just looking.

 Isn't this a beauty ?  Ages ago I planted caulis, broccoli, sprouts ( ha ha ;remember those pea sized things! ) and cabbage. We ate the first cauli back on July 25 and the last 2 are ready now after all this wait but what beauties they are. When it is this crisp, it's even nice raw . Even nicer with cheese and mustard sauce.
 Little roses for Liz if she is reading this. I have been thinking of you all and will remember you especially tomorrow.
 I am thinking also of any of my blogging friends who are facing a dreadful clean up after SANDY.


Diane-crewe said...

get your feet up and have a wel earned REST!

Molly said...

Ah, nothing like a nice cup of tea to revive one! That cauliflower looks scrumptious.....I've been talking to my s-i-l in NY. She escaped any bad damage, but it is still a mess all around her. No electricity,so no television, radio or internet, food spoiling,life on hold. But disasters bring out the best in people and the clean-up crews are working day and night........

Thimbleanna said...

I've finally had time for a little catch-up of your blog -- it looks like you've been busy and having fun. Did you settle on version 3 for your quilt? I wouldn't have been able to decide -- I liked them all. And I've never seen a Ruru -- it looks like a beautiful little bird -- are they in the owl family?

Ali Honey said...

Yes Thimbleanna they are.A very lovely little NZ native owl.