Thursday, November 15, 2012

Staring At the Sun.

It's cloudy today; luckily not so yesterday when we both spent some time staring at the sun through welder's glass. Here are my strange photos of the solar eclipse.
 Taken through welder's glass. 
 A strange aura created by my camera.
 One of my star rays. You can just make out the dark shape of the trees.
 This is R's best shot taken just near the end of the eclipse.


Susan D said...

WOW thanks for sharing, the nearest I got to seeing an eclipse was a partial one years ago and it only went a little dark a bit like dusk.

Molly said...

I read about your total eclipse in the paper and wondered if you'd say something here about it. I like your pictures!
I remember growing up, and how, when there was to be an eclipse, the nuns would herd us all into the largest room and darken the windows lest anyone scald their eyes with their curiosity.