Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Garden Pleasure.

We had 23 mls of rain over night. Thank you.
 Charles Austin ( my favourite if I have to pick one ) rose is flowering. Of the many roses I have if it had to be just one, this would be it. It has lovely buds, good full out blooms and full rich rose perfume.It is  sturdy & and easy to grow. ( I must do a count up out of curiosity to see how many roses I am growing .)
 This deciduous Azalea is making a big splash of colour in the front border. It's smell nearly knocks one sideways .
Also in the orange, yellow lime spectrum is this end of the border.
 Further along the lupins planted last year are now doing well , here in front of Sally Holmes rose.
 Unfortunately Sally has a problem. Luckily it is a large hardy rose so it only makes her look unsightly.
 Bronze beetles are eating her and a few other things. They are cunning little blighters and drop to the ground when disturbed. I have to have one hand underneath to catch them then squash them...but I never get them all and each season they re emerge from the soil below and start chewing again.
 Look closely to see one crawling along on the right hand petal. I cannot spray or use insecticide on them as there are too many bees around and bees are our essential friends in the garden and the orchard.

In my small triangular vege patch down from the house my peas and beans are doing well.

 We have been working hard in the orchard, the first few flowers are out so bee hives in shortly. I am now helping with zero pruning as my flower thinning is completed. There is plenty to do and this just stops tendrils from tangling and climbing ( which makes next winters pruning difficult ) and wastes the plants resources.
 Yesterday Bay Drilling came and put in a new deep hole for us . The old one was almost full and we want somewhere deep to dispose of the leaves and canes with signs of psa.( We are still finding odd canes or leaves with early signs )

Last night I sat up late and sewed blocks for the quilts for "Sandy, " suffers. ( see Bumble Beans site ).
 I have also made 2/3 of a wee Ella bag, I'll show it when it's finished. It has been put together in 10 minutes snatched sewing times.
 This morning I have made the first stage of my Christmas cakes.( I make a double mixture and divide it between tins and loaf tins ) Why so early?  My recipe has fresh orange zest and juice in it and our lovely oranges are nearly all gone; so now was best.


Deb said...

I love Charles Austin...it's one of my favourite roses and Sally Holmes was my dad's fav. I love the ole English roses...you can't beat their perfume. There's a lot of satisfaction in digital control ;)

Molly said...

So much colour inspiration for quilts in your garden! That Rose is magnificent----wish I could smell it.

Meggie said...

So gratteful for you beautiful garden pics, Alison.