Monday, March 15, 2010

Avocados and Pincushions.

My yoyo pincushion is finished. I stuffed it with scraps of wool batting and pins and needles just glide into it which is important for keeping points sharp. ( I don't care for yoyos but made them because that is what this pattern required. If I make another I think I will design some leaves rather than those petals.
Today we are picking avocados. This pick unfortunately is only local market ( New Zealand ) which is a crying shame as the fruit is beautiful...but lucky for the local shops and customers. It may end up making as much for us as the export crop did earlier.( here's hoping ) My job today is easy. As we do not need ground pickers ( me usually  ) the 3 hydraladas are picking the high up fruit and R is transporting the empty and full bins across to the avocado blocks (some distance away ) and back to the house. Once  the fruit has  been picked it must be kept out of the sun, so we stack the bins up in the shed ( having taken the truck and 2 tractors out ) till the end of theday when all the full bins will be taken by truck up to the packhouse.  My job is too check the bins and take out anything not suitable( damaged or too small or possum bitten )and level the top of the bin so none is sticking up to get damaged when the bins are stacked on top of each other on the truck. I wear gloves to not damage the skins.
( just to tempt you all!)
R stacking bins.
So far 6 full ones are in the shed...there will be more. We are very pleased with the 3 blokes with their hydraladas. ( better than the last couple of times...we will try and get these men next time ) .
I need to get busy now;  more on final tallies tomorrow.
 Our broad band is so slow at the moment something's wrong tho telecom says their isn't! 
 ( I'll save you some avos Laurie ).


Laurie said...

Thank you Ali, your a star...and a hard worker, you must let me know when you need a helping hand sometime I would just love the experience...and my labour is can't get better than that.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Ali -- what a LOT of work! I'm with Laurie -- I sure wish I lived close enough to come and help you -- I think it would be a fabulous experience!

Molly said...

Can I come too, please?

Joyce said...

Avocado on toast with lemon juice is my absolute favorite snack but avos cost nearly a dollar each over here and they often have brown spots. The picture of those nice fresh ones made my mouth water!

julieQ said...

As always, we love to see your farming, and what beautiful fruit you have there. Wish we could have one! Your pincushion is so pretty. I have been admiring your wall hanging, it turned out just gorgeous too.

Meggie said...

Ah, don't you just hate those lying teleservers!! My brother in a Auckland has had endless trouble- in the end a smart kid fixed his problem, or most of it!
Your Avos make me envious, they are so lovely & large looking.

Tracey Petersen said...

Oh wow! Beautiful green glossy fruit. Five of these don't last long in my house.