Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hanging on the Wall.

This may not be it's home but for photo purposes the completed Agapanthus wall hanging is here in full view as we walk by.
I am pleased with the finished project which just requires ( and will get ) a label on the back. ( it is actually brighter than the photos show; perhaps I should take it outside for a photo shoot.)
Yesterday I tried to post but the internet was playing up - possibly due to high winds....anyway I have it back today.
Why are all these ladies so busy?
We had a wonderfully busy day at P and Q on Friday. N had templates for us all to make wee pincushions. About 30 of the ladies all made them. In every colour ...all cute. ( see a large cardboard circle on the table - that is the middle of the pincushion which gets gathered up and stuffed.) 
This is mine half finished...showing the base. I might get it done today.
Other things.
*Thankyou for your comments; I know I am not alone missing grown up kids.
* He is 36 Gudrun and has been in UK 9 years so really I am well used to it. His partner V is 30 and has been there 4 years .( she's a Kiwi too! )
* Julieq...yes, I do keep busy  and it helps; you are right. 
* Thanks Thimleanna.
*Sal the park with the ducks is the swamp just across the main road from 195 -  S and M's place . I think you looked at a house section in the area just above this. You would certainly notice some changes around Tauranga.

This plump pregnant mantis was on the wall directly above my head when I woke up...I don't know where she thought she was going to make an egg raft but I quickly took her to the herb garden and suggested that wall might be a better choice.( cute eh? )

I found this on the orchard floor on Thursday. I tried putting it back up in the vine but don't know if the mother bird will return. It is so finely woven; look at the back of it .

Tomorrow we do the final pickof this season's avocados- just for local market sales as the export season has closed.The bins and hyraladas are here ready.
Now I need to go and process some veges. Excess tomatoes, beans and courgettes. I was thrilled to be able to swap some with a neighbor for eggs.
Autumn is really setting in the nights are cooler ( I can sleep better )and the daylight hours noticably shorter.


Andrea said...

Your Agapanthus is just lovely. You are very rightly pleased with it. That mantis gives me the heebie-geebies. Lol.

Pixie said...

oh it's fab. I love the stones and the blue is perfect. I love the praying mantis too! I'm at the other end with boys....I could cheerfully get rid of mono-syllabic teenagers!

Laurie said...

That looks lovely and so bright and cheerful.
Well done...
The advacardos sound lovely have not had any good ones for ages they are not good in our shops at present. May be need to pay you a vist.

Joyce said...

I am so envious of your garden with all our snow here. My daughter has been in Australia for 15 years and now I have two grandsons there. I wish they were closer...

Isabelle said...

Oh wow, I love your hanging. Please can I pop over and steal it?

Sympathise about your absent boy. It's almost worse when they come home because they go away again. (And mine's only 50 miles away...) Sob.

Molly said...

That agapanthus looks so real, I feel I could lean into the computer and sniff it! Very cute pincushion too.....

Guðrún said...

How short are the days during the winter? Your quilt looks great on that wall.