Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fabulous Weather.

Plenty has been happening around here with J and V home...the one constant has been the amazing sunny ( read as too hot yesterday ) weather. BOP is excelling itself. We have walked around the Mount and along Tuapiro Point beach and up in the busy two secluded.

They have been out visiting and doing things with other friends and family while we catch up here. We have had lots of games of Scrabble and Bobble in the evenings...they are both very good and at the moment are probably ahead on score - lots of fun. The olds challenging 2 very smart young things!
Today R is helping me make a huge batch of tomato sauce...the young ones are on a picnic. Rain is predicted for next week and we know that will ruin the as we didn't grow them to waste, sauce it is.
Fabulous colur !
This is stage 1.   Then I have sieved it and am reboiling it to thicken it at the moment. As we skinned and cored the tomatoes what I have sieved out is being kept to put into winter casseroles or a tart even ( tastes yummy )
Since I am talking about tomato sauce these echinacea are called tomato soup -  it's just the right name .....and a new variety.

They are more orange than the photo makes them.
This evening we are all going to see the film Alice in Wonderland in 3D.
There has been a little progress with the Agapanthus wall hanging...I got a sore neck and I think quilting this is to blame....I'm pleased with it though and the end is in sight.

Two Answers:
* Molly the felt ball is slightly smaller then the clutch ball.
* Gudrun - no the waterlilies have no smell ( that's a shame ).

I'm off to Bottle now. ( I am behind reading your blogs but will catch up soon. )


Tracey Petersen said...

So pleased that you are enjoying the company of your guests. I play a pretty mean game of scrabble myself.

julieQ said...

Enjoy!! I love hikes with guests, it just makes the walk all the more fun. Your tomato sauce looks so rich and good.

Guðrún said...

I agree, the color of the tomato sauce is great.

Meggie said...

You have been having a fabulous time with family. Love that sauce!!