Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trying to keep My Chin Up.

It was great while it lasted but the young ones have left to make their way up to Auckland to fly out Saturday. We have had a happy, fun, sunny 10 days with them and are so sad to say good bye, as they go back to the UK. BUT we have made plans....more of that in the future. So it is back to mundane routines and work around here which for me started with lawn mowing before breakfast to beat the heat.( mainy seed heads on the grass needed removing before they seed down and a general tidy up )The washings all done just the spare bed to remake.

The silverbeet is very healthy at the moment and was yummy as part of last night's dinner.
The quilting is making progress but is taking ages. About 2 thirds done now.
Some random photos taken in the last few days.

Bumble bee on Sedum.

Gallardia looking lovely

Rosehips mean it's Autumn.( on Complicata rose )

I visited these tame water birds when I had a walk on the way back from the supermarket.
D and N if you are reading an email with photos will be there soon.
Today I am a Mum trying to be brave, but also a mum very, very thankful that my J has found such a lovely partner to live with , love  and travel with in the future.( they intend returning to NZ at the end of 2011 ) After 2 years they are still happy to be together, so long may it last for them ( sniff sniff )


Jennifer said...

Ali, I can sympathise - our younger son lives and loves in Toronto, Canada which is on the far flung side of the universe from here. We miss our children very much, don't we, but are glad they are happy.

Laurie said...

Oh!! so great he is happy and settled nothing worse than the worry of children who are unsettled.. done that been there!..but the heart ache of them being away never leaves you, you just learn to live with it..God bless the internet and Skype.

Bubble said...

Aww Alison, sending you lots of love, i know how hard the distance can be. xxxx p.s where is that park i don't think we would recognise it over there now. xxxx

Thimbleanna said...

I love your sentiments at the end! Isn't that all, as parents, that we wish for our children? That they find someone who will be good to them and who they can be good to in return? They'll be back home before you know it!

Molly said...

Sounds like you're planning a trip to the UK! That'll give you fodder for lots of interesting posts! Glad you had such a nice visit and have given The Mom Seal of Approval!

julieQ said...

I so know what you mean...I miss my dear one so badly when he leaves...depressing, so I keep very busy, busy helps!

Meggie said...

Green with envy, at the sight of your silverbeet! I love it.
I know how it feels when young fly off from the nest.

Guðrún said...

It must be terrible to have your child living so far away from you.