Saturday, March 27, 2010

P and Q Group.

Yesterday we had a really successful day at P and Q group. About 40 ladies were there some for only part of the time. Where we meet is not really condusive to taking good photos of work or to seating everyone so they  can see easily. Yesterday I set the tables and chairs differently which helped ( although we were in front of an exit that is supposed to be kept clear ) for watching a demonstration and Show and Tell and Quilt Journeys. When we are all just working in groups around tables the seating is fine. When we all need to set up machines we have to have a different arrangement again...but guess you all have similar difficulties with your groups. Here you can see quite a lot of my friends watching a demonstration.
You can see on the walls all the things that get in the background of photos plus about 6 doors, a clock and a fire extinguisher. Most of the time that doesn't matter and we hang some things over the top if they have sleeves or's really only annoying for taking photos.
The Quilt Journeys we have been having where a members tells her journey since she started quilting ( or sewing ) and shows us some of the quilts; hangings and other treasures she has made, are being really successful and an idea other groups might like to try. It is much better than just writing about it because we get to see the actual objects. Yesterday N told us her journey and showed her first quilt made back in 1970! She has been prolific and does beautiful work.
I just have to show you this next photo..B made this  "The Fish Wife," at a 2 day class at Cottage Flair with NZ  tutor Jill Maas. Isn't it hilarious. The fabric used for the 4 different types of fish were just right.Her hair was combed out chenille. Bev was rightly proud of her effort and Jill's classes always have good results.
Thanks for the useful comments about eyes for my butterflies, Jennifer &  Meggie& Molly. Tracey I am thinking what if the paper pattern looks better than the coloured fabrics for my centre panel - sew on the paper??? or do it all in white fabric with black outlines? I hope to find out during the weekend.
Bubble I give quilts to family and charity things and as presents. I have mostly only sold smaller things like aprons and my felt balls....but if I keep on sewing soon I may have too many ( haha ) too kept and may wish to part with some. One can never really charge what quilts are worth!  
Greetings to new readers here and thanks for your email and kind comments Helen in Canada and Mama Bear. 


Meggie said...

I just love the Fishwife! I have stopped making my dolls, but I am still drawn to them.
I have had a lifelong love affair with dolls of all sorts.
I have my daugher's 60s & 70s vinyl dolls, & as she is no longer interested in them, I am about to sell them for her. I will hate to see them go, but neither she, nor my granddaughter seem to care about them.

Laurie from Rotorua said...

We have same problem taking pictures at Rainbow quilters as we meet in the Bridge Club and all round the walls are large pictures of past presidents or roll of honor boards and champions.
The good things about the club are it is warm in winter, carpeted, comfortable and has a great kitchen area which is open for our use... or president used to be president of the club.. friends in useful places as they say.

Laurie from Rotorua said...

That should read OUR president was president of the bridge club.

Bubble said...

We will treasure our felt ball forever xxxxx. There looks like alot talented ladies in that room. Its fab to share an interest like this i love it.xx

Guðrún said...

Exactly, you can never charge what a quilt is worth.