Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Record and Recipe.

The Avocado picking has just finished! ( 4 pm ) We set a record for the number of bins we have ever picked in one season. ( you remember we did our first pick in November and these are the fruit that were left on the trees to get bigger. ) So that is all one crop. Next season's little fruit are also hanging on the trees. We got 10 bins more than our previous best ( about 3 tonnes  more ). So we are thrilled. We have never had such great pickers ( in their hydraladas ) friendly, hard working,  careful with the fruit and the trees and the next crop of little fruit. Do you know why....they are all avocado growers themselves. Husbands and wives or partners - both able to drive the hydralads. ( Well done ladies !) We have left some on the trees for our own use too.( possums get lost! )
 A storm is coming ( according to the forecast ) so I've been out picking all the tomatoes, courgettes etc. ( guess what is happening here tomorrow ! )
Look at these little beauties.

Little year pear tomatoes - they glow with goodness and sunshine.

I have already given some tomatoes away to the pickers. ( less to do tomorrow )  I have just made a Courgette Bake; it smells so good. Recipe below.
Courgette Bake.

( uncooked )

500 grams of grated courgette (  zucchini );         1 cup grated tasty cheese ;
1 onion finely chopped ( fry or cook 3 mins in the microwave );   1 cup SR flour
  4 beaten eggs;   seasoning  (s & p or thai spice );  1/4 cup chopped parsley 

 How : set oven to 200 degrees C.  Grease dish.   Grate ingredients and mix all in a large bowl. Make sure flour is mixed in. Spoon into a large flat oven proof dish. Smooth out. I added a little extra cheese on the top. Bake for 30  or 40 minutes  till lightly browned and firm to touch. ( eat hot, warm or cold )

This same recipe works with grated carrot or a mix of carrots and courgettes.( probably any gratable tasy vege ) the carrot makes it sweeter and a little drier. Chopped cooked bacon or ham could be added. Rice flour or other could be used instead of flour.   As with any good recipe make it your starting point to experiment.   Enjoy.     Here it is cooked already!


keewee said...

Thank you for stopping by my blogs. When I get more time I will read more of your blog.
It is always nice to meet another Kiwi via the internet.

julieQ said...

Yippee!! I am glad for your record, and your tomatoes are lovely.

Meggie said...

Your tomatoes look wonderful.
My daughter makes the slice you make, she uses carrots and zucchinis. It is one of my favourites.
Congratulations on your bumper crop of Avos!!

Guðrún said...

Congratulations on the avocado record!

Mama Bear said...

We were lucky enough to have J and V drop off a few of these avocados when they came to visit. We still have one or two left, but I must say, these have been very popular in our whare of late, espcially on toast (with your tomatoes) for breakfast.

Bubble said...

Yummy looks fab, so do your toms xxxx