Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can Someone Help?

Suddenly today I can no longer up load photos to this blog. I have changed nothing. The tool bar above now has an icon to add videos,  that wasn't there before. Now when I click on the icon to add photos, getting them from my own computer is not longer an option Why?  That is the only place I have photos. Can someone tell me what is going on and how I can return to how it was 2 days ago. Am I the only person who was uploading photos straight from their own computer?


Laurie said...

My blog has changed a bit as well... but a few weeks ago.
but I now load from in the blog I am writing... I will try to remember how....
when I want to add a picture I click on the little picture sign on the blog header that I am writing and it brings me to a new box from there you press browse and it takes me to My Pictures file I choose a picture and it loads into this new box... then I have to press ok and it places it in the blog...where my curser is placed.

I am sure this is as clear as mud...feel free to give me a call I could talk you through it if need be... good luck


Meggie said...

I do the same as Laurie. I hope you get to upload again, as we all enjoy your wonderful clear photos.
I only use my photo files too, & find I generally load as I go.
I did use Windows Writer for a while, & that was very easy. Dont use it since the Motherboard replacement, so have forgotten the exact process.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie and Meggie. Thanks - that is EXACTLY what I used to do but now there is no browse option. It was really good and I liked doing it that way. Now the only option it is giving me is to choose a URL or from Picasa which at this stage I do not have.( I like the photo programe I have on my computer and will only install free Picasa as a last resort.)
Someone has updated; upgraded or changed my tool bar. Not me! If I click on the new icon for video I get the browse option - but it won't upload photos - I tried.

paula, the quilter said...

Once you click on the icon to add photos, you have three choices:
• From this blog
• From Picassa Web Album
• From URL
If you choose the 'from this blog' option, you will see a bunch of photos that you have used in your blog. But the first one should be an icon that says 'upload'. Choosing that one takes you to a dialog box that allows you to choose from your computer.

It is not very intuitive. :(