Sunday, April 11, 2010

Patterns and Colour.

Patterns and colour in nature at the moment.
Patterns in cut feijoas - can't eat one without thinking of you Pam! ( so that is often..they are yummy as usual )

Patterns in the firewood we are stacking in the woodshed.

Colour in the maple tree,

and the purple petunias

 golden vireya,

and red nerines ( there are pink ones too ).

Green and red in the Nandinas,
white little balls in the Japonica and green palmate leaves.

This one is for you Meg. Last year I showed you the buds of this firewheel tree ( stenocarpus ) and said I would show you the flowers and I never did till now. They are really amazingly designed flowers.

Things I forgot to mention.
* Last week I finished all the Kiwifruit work I am doing on this crop till just before picking time which I think will be early this year due to the lack of rain. So that means I can catch up on tidying the garden. Last Thursday I spent in the front creek; as it is so low I didn't get my feet wet, while weeding.
*R is splitting a trailer load of firewood each day now and I help stack it in the woodshed. Leanne would Brent and James like to see some photos of our big splitter? ( with their welding skills they might be able to make one similar )
* I am tackling the fabric challenge like this. Make a list of EVERY idea that comes to mind however bizzare. Browse through my magazines and books at every spare minute or while watching TV. Keep looking at the fabric from different angles. Think curves - the rules say it must have curves. Think, think, think......


julieQ said...

Just gorgeous pictures! I made a list one time of all my UFO's and PIG's...scary!

Leanne said...

Yes please I am sure Brent would be very keen to see your splitter - we have wood coming out our ears & another row of pines need to come down.

Loved all the photos of train trip!

Love Leanne

Bubble said...

Gorgeous pics and i can taste those fijous yummy xx

Guðrún said...

A lot of colours!!!

Meggie said...

Thankyou Ali, for the Firewheel flowers- I have not noticed them before, if I have seen them!
Love your flower pics, your garden is just beautiful. All I have at present are the camelia, but they are rather small flowers this year-yet we have had more rain? odd.
Oh to eat Feijoas again! They dont travel well, & so we dont see them in our shops.