Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks and Even More Weird.

Firstly Thank you to Paula, Pam, Laurie and Meggie who came to my aid. Paula what you said I understood and was about to try but Hey Presto when I clicked the photo icon it was BACK TO NORMAL!( so it wasn't me! ) ( I would still like to know if Blogger changed something or was it a blip? )
Pam you are a sweety. Thanks, I had already read all that but just wanted reassurance I wasn't going to loose my other photo programme. Folks right at the very start of my "shared sites experience"  Pam  helped me with lay out problems and how to stuff, cause I was very green and she was a trained expert. That was 9 or 10 years ago I think....things have moved on. I am less green, but still green by her standards, but I am determined and always want to know and learn and that will never change. Also she is now on the other side of the world!
So now I seem to have possibly 3 options for uploading photos and Paula I now know what to try if that option appears again. THANK YOU.
The above photo (that positively leapt onto my blog page) shows the fabric I have left to cut out more little  butterflies from; that's it; total. There is quite a bit left of the 2 blue and one spotty jelly roll strips but I will need to cut carefully to ensure I have enough.
The 5 not yet sewn together parts of the quilt. There are also 4 borders and 4 corner posts to add later. It looks very long and thin but that is the photo angle on the floor.( I need a design wall! ) The small butteflies yet to be made are going to be flying across the quilt or alighting and  clinging to the sides.
No time for that now I have heaps of walnuts to pick up , feijoas to collect, a hair appointment and some shopping to do.
Friends are wonderful! 


Meggie said...

Your butterflies look very colourful and bright.

Guðrún said...

It looks great :)