Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Mists.

Season of mists - Mr. keats was right. This morning we have Easter mists. Low cloud. Dull, intermitent very soft, fine, rain barely enough to wet the ground. ( won't do any lasting good either unfortunately but will keep the dust down )
Daylight Saving ended last night here in NZ so we got an extra hour.
     So far this weekend we have had a restful time. Friday was spent mainly gardening. Yesterday we went to the Annual Rotary Used Book Fair and came away satisfied. It has turned into a huge event. Here is my haul. R got 8 fiction titles too. Mainly authors we already know and like, but, in my case not exclusively so as this is a good chance to try some unknowns. No problem of what to read around here for a while now.
Today we are off on a journey!
( Photos of that tomorrow.) We are having early lunch then catching the "Jazz Steam Train," for a 4 hour Journey down the coast almost to Whakatane. I will be taking photos at every opportunity, so hope the mists don't become too much of a feature.
Every Easter Tauranga hosts the largest Jazz festival in NZ. While it is not my chosen type of music there is great variety and so long as it's not too loud should add interest to our exciting journey...... All Aboard!
One more photo - don't R's peppers look bright,  almost - almost too good to eat; but not quite.


Joyce said...

I love book sales. Our library hosts one every year. Enjoy you train ride and jazz.

Guðrún said...

Oh yes the peppers look lovely. Red and shiny.