Monday, April 12, 2010

In a Tight Spot.

Cloudy and a bit chilly this morning. I am now sitting having a late morning cup of home made real coffee, some yummy crackers and a nice slice of brie. - My little reward for being good. I wonder if you can work out where I have been this morning from the photos . ( I sneaked my camera out of my bag while waiting alone ) You may have been somewhere that looks similar?
Particularly notice the doll partly obscured at the back.
Maybe this will help.

Maybe you have been up close and cosy with a machine like this.
Anyway the results were clear. My you know what take very clear easy to read x rays. So that is me for another 2 years.The assistant couldn't have been more professinonal or  more pleasant and she smelled lovely which to me is important. ( I have had a less pleasant experience elsewhere in the past, as I bruise very easily. )
Now I just have to get a dentist's appointment out of the way in a fortnight.....I'd much rather repeat today's procedure - strange how different things effect different people.


Laurie said...

Once every two years you get away lightly I have a queezed boob every year and as you say some are and some are not good at doing it...I am sure it is a sadistic side some of them have.. but good to get it out of the way... pleased all was clear.

Jennifer said...

Good to hear that all is clear......I don't find it a pleasant experience, but I know it's necessary!

Ali Honey said...

Actually Laurie - it is the same number of squeezes. I get mine in
4s you in 2s. It's still better than the dentist!

Thimbleanna said...

SO funny! I'd go to the dentist in a SECOND, rather than go for the big squish -- YICK!!! Glad everything is clear!

keewee said...

I think we can be thankful we only have to do this once a year.

Guðrún said...

I know a place like that. Good that you are ok, maybe I will make an appointment, I am overdue by some months.

Molly said...

Funny that your label for this was "ouch!" That's exactly what I thought when I realized where you'd been. Glad everything is OK! It's been a while for me....long overdue....time to [wo]man up and get it done. I'd rather have my eyes poked with pins though.

Meggie said...

I cringe at the thought of the squash! We don't have any dolls or interesting things to look at while we wait, but there are some beautiful Japanese Kimonoes hanging on the wall, which I have studied quite thouroughly each time I have to have the Jammy Mammy!