Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Sewing.

Trying to solve my problem I went into Settings and I have changed back to the old way I used to set out photos. That seems a big step backwards.

Is everyone else out there using Picasa except me? Should I change?

For today I will stick with this . Here is a photo of the border fabric cut ready for the Butterfly quilt. I have added the corner posts to the top of the 2 long borders but as the quilt is still in 5 large pieces, this was just preparation. I have it in 5 pieces still as I am doing hand work putting on feelers, eyes ,designs on wings.
Thanks everyone who left amusing comments on the last couple of posts. - the hedgehog is not Mrs Tiggy Winkle as it was not wearing a white apron and mob cap. So Thimbleanna you could name it.
( Thanks Laurie and Meggie that is how I WAS doing it till it changed )
I would really appreciate more advice on what has happened when I try to upload photos. Why is Blogger not letting me go to my own computer and only giving Picasa or URL as an option.
Next silly question - can I have 2 photo editing programmes on my computer - if I install Picasa will it cancel my other photo programme out or will it give me the choice of both?


Thimbleanna said...

Oh Yay! How 'bout Kiwi for the Hedgehog? Or one of the other fruits you grow? Miss Tiggy Kiwi. Miss Kiwi Winkle. We could be here all day. ;-)

notHamilton said...

Hey so - Picasa is two things, firstly it is a free software tool that you can download (if you do so it won't remove other photo editors you have installed, but it may alter the default one that is opened when you edit a .jpg file type for example).
The second part is Picasa Web Albums, online file storage that allows you to store images for sharing on blogs etc. As it is owned by Google, it is tied in with Blogger and other google accounts so when you log into your picasa account, you should in theory see all the other photos you have uploaded previously.
See here and here.