Friday, April 30, 2010

Autumn Tasks.

Yesterday's haul of walnuts ( plus a few macadamia nuts ) drying in the sun on Miss Dolly ( the trolley ). This is my 4th pick up this Autumn. I think a walnut tree or any nut tree gives very good returns. If you have the space it is a very rewarding thing to grow.
My hair appointment was  very  pleasant and they got it just right. Way more purple and dark foils than last time. Young Jess who did most of it is so tiny about the size of a 12 year old. In fact they are all very trim there and under the age of 30. I lay back in the vibrating chair as I had my hair washed and she was very good on the head massage .( so different from being in the dentist's chair! )
Autumn leaves are a feature. Some have already dropped. They are so lovely to look at and so annoying to clean up. The ones I can mow up make lovely compost with the lawn clippings but the others that swirl around the place and  have to be picked up are work. See how big this Pin Oak has got...I know soon I have to collect all those leaves...and that's just one tree!
Here are some other garden scenes at the moment.
Autumn crocus - I have hundreds of bulbs they multiply really fast. Any one in NZ who would like some leave a comment and I will send you some later when they are dormant.
Little Zinnias that have flowered all summer still look good.
A tiny flowered Cyclamen in the dappled shade of the big oak.
Nyssa Sylvaticus looks wonderful against the green of the Rimu, Gums and Ponga.
Red Hot Pokers just coming out.
A tiny spider lily. So small it is barely noticable but it is one of my garden treasures.The bulbs came from my late Mother's garden. When I was a girl we lived on a farm at Tutaenui in the Rangitikei ( 8 miles from Marton ) My parents were keen gardeners. My late Dad grew enough veges to keep us well fed. Sometimes whole rows of carrots, swedes etc were grown down the side of a crop planted as stock feed.  So these wee Nerines - spider lilies are precious and very old.( see how very thin the leaves are ) They don't seem to multiply rapidly like my red nerines do. I'm glad I kept them.


Meggie said...

You do make my heart homesick for New Zealand native trees. I adore Rimu, love the shape and the colour.
We had a lovely flower garden, and my grandmother loved primroses and Lilly of the Valley. A huge old fashioned Cabbage Rose was lovely, had the most gorgeous perfume, and seemed to flower so long.

Leanne said...

Yes please, I haven't any crocus. I'll email you - Brent is been meaning to also bu with being away he didn't.

Lovde your photos & seeing what your garden produces.

love Leanne

Guðrún said...

Do you HAVE to dry the nuts like that?

Ali Honey said...

No Gudrun, but this lot fell on damp grass ( after a shower of rain )so a bit of sun ensures they are dry and ready to shell.