Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost Done.

I have gingerly machine quilted my charity quilt and just have the outside border left to do now. I only got one little tuck on the back so can live with that. Mostly I stitched in the ditch but did shadow outlines around the appliqued shapes at both ends.( all using the walking foot ) I am not sure what to do in the borders. Thinking, thinking !
Congratulations are in order for 3 members of our Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters Group ( I say proudly! ) Last weekend at Cambridge at The Machine Quilters Conference  our members took out 3 of the 4 prizes! Sandra Bently won the Professional section;  Robin Dimmock won the Novice section and Jenny Allen of Stitchworks won Viewer's Choice.  Wow that is so good.( Jenny quilted the purple and green quilt in my side bar ) 
Another of our members, Faye Laing  who does beautiful embroidery, was the tutor of a young person who recently won a sewing machine as the prize for all NZ, at the Hamilton Embroiderers' Exhibition.
So aren't we lucky having that  talent in our group.
I didn't know about Biscornu. ( do you? ) I was selecting a gift for a friend who likes to try all sorts of craft and stitching. I got this kit for making the Biscornu in the photo. Hope she likes it. Biscornu is french and can be an object that is strangely shaped  ( odd ) or it has come to mean the method of making one of these. I googled the word and the images and was overwhelmed with wonderful little stitched strangely shaped objects. ( mostly pincushions or decorations I think )
I am sure you ladies who also embroider knew about these little wonders. Fascinating!


paula, the quilter said...

This is a darling quilt. Have you decided what to put in the borders?

Molly said...

Love your charity quilt! So cheerful.....And that biscornu pin cushion is a beaut! [Had never heard of that craft---but surely it is just sewing?]

Laurie said...

Biscornu,how lovely they are.... have done quite a few and given them as gifts...very easy you just do 2 squares and join them on an angle.... corner of one to middle of side of the other and then continue around.. can be done with quilting fabric besides embroidery.
Charity quilt is lovely, well done Tauranga and the piece done by the young girl at Hamilton was great also she deserved to win.
Hugs Laurie

blog said...

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Meggie said...

I have seen Biscornu, on quilting blogs, and had thought they were mostly triangular?
Live & learn!