Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pretty Polys.

Most afternoons lately I have been gardening. Yesterday I planted out these lovely new polyanthus, and 3 miniature white cyclamen, near some from previous years. I tucked them in with blood and bone under the big oak tree which has now dropped all it's leaves. The leaves  are so thick on the ground and so wet that I remove lots of them, into either the compost bins or into wool packs to be mulch under the avocado trees. If the thick layer is not removed from on top of small plants they get bleached white from lack of light then rot and die. I also planted some more iceland poppies.  6  large in bud plants and some wee ones for later. A punnet of lemon snap dragons beside them should look good. With a large garden there is always more to do then time available, but it is good exercise and a place of perfume, birds and little bright delights. I often get a surprise when something I hadn't noticed is suddenly flowering brightly.
This is a very poor photo but all I have. The Panettone turned out to be yummy.  I substituted crystillised ginger for glace cherries and with lots of lemon zest and juice it is richly flavoured. I certainly will make it again. One of the  2 small loaves has been is  eaten already )
Today I have a huge cauldron of vege soup on the stove.It will make several lunches.


Diana said...

I love your pictures of flowers and fruits from your orchards!

Molly said...

My mother used to grow polys, but she had a better climate for it! They'd die in our heat here I'm sure!
Seeing your pannettone makes me think I'll be baking some raisin bread today! Yum!

Meggie said...

What more could one want?
Gorgeous blooms and yummy food!