Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Shape of Clouds.

Appliqued clouds would look too heavy for the effect I want at the top of my challenge so I have just tried to pick out cloud shapes on this fabric.( doesn't show up too well in the photo )I may do more stitching at the quilting stage.
This part down by the water is looking okay but I am swearing at this thread.
Antique  effects, a DMC embroidery thread. I wanted the sparkle for in the light on water part but am finding it very challenging to work with. It twists on itself just like wire and won't turn corners well, so I have had to modify my stitch to suit .
2 fabulous sunny Winter days. Yesterday I ended up spending all afternoon gardening. Mainly pruning roses. These last few blooms  on Penelope had to come off and I couldn't throw them in the avocado mulch wool pack.


Tracey Petersen said...

Very clever! I look forward to seeing how you quilt the clouds.

Molly said...

The finished challenge promises to be very interesting!

julieQ said...

Love those pretty flowers! I think your clouds will show up better after washed, etc.

Meggie said...

Very interesting effects- love the water.
Your roses would have stolen my heart, I could not have discarded those lovely blooms.