Saturday, July 03, 2010

New Zealand Birds.

This is my favourite sign. I see it when walking or driving in the Bethlehen swamp area ( on both sides of the road in this photo.) In NZ we call them Pukekos.( known as swamp hens other places I think ).
Pukeko have a very individual way of walking that makes me laugh.
Last week I posted about a survey that was being held of Birds in NZ Gardens.It was to be taken for one hour of our choice, during this week. We did ours starting at 8 am one morning, as at that time we see families of Californian Quails walking across our lawn.
A male seen here. They have real personality and I love the way they post" lookouts," while the rest of the group feed.
I have reservations and concerns about a one hour survey. Yes, it gives a snap shot but not a true indication of bird populations. We saw 12 different species in our hour but when compared with the 32 known birds we have seen on our property it leaves a lot out.
Here is our one hour result.
[Californian Quails =25; Silvereye ( Tauhou) =12; Tui =1; Greenfinch =2; Fantail =1; Eastern Rosella =2; Bellbird( Makomako )=1; Blackbird = 2; Thrush = 1; Pukeko =2; Harrier Hawk ( Kahu )=1;Wood Pigeon ( Keruru ) =1  ]
This is one of our rarer NZ birds; a Shining Cuckoo.( it flew into a window and was stunned - hence this photo ) One died once doing the same thing and we were able to see it's beautiful striped tail underneath.
Our "on going" List of Birds seen on this property is:
[Pukeko; Harrier Hawk; Paradise Duck; Kereu; Mallard Duck; Kaka; Morepork( Ruru); Tui; Shining Cuckoo; Kingfisher; Fantail; Bellbird; Grey Warbler; Pied Shag; Black Shag; White Faced Heron; Silvereye; Peacock; Ring Necked Pheasant; Thrush; Blackbird;  Californian Quail; Indian Myna; House Sparrow: Starling; Magpie; Welcome Swallow; Yellow Hammer; Chaffinch; Greenfinch; Goldfinch; Dove.] 
That list of 32 has been compiled over the 32 years we have lived here. I wonder if we will still add more to it. Being beside native bush helps us see lots of birds, but we also grow trees and plants we know attract birds as a food source.

*Many of my fellow blogger post about the birds they see and feed and I enjoy seeing birds we don't see here.
* I enjoy birds  compnay; little Fantails follow me about to pick off insects I disturb. We also both love the birds that sing for us.


Deb said...

That would have to be my favourite sign also Ali! There is something about Pukeko's.
hugs deb

Leanne said...

We have just done ours today - also disappointed with the hour - so will try again tom am.
We haven't Californian Quail - I enjoyed seeing your little fella.

We are soo looking forward to doing this each year - and hopefully each year as the natives grow we will have more.
PS Brent gave up on Dear Fatty - I haven't got back to it to yet.

kiwicarole said...

Love that sign! lol
You could start up a wild life park! Lucky you!

loulee said...

Even though we live in the centre of town we do get a few birds. I love to watch the cheeky Jackdaws on the chimney stacks accross the road. I do wish the Gulls would move house though.
Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Gilly said...

I love that sign and want one... I have a pukeko that lives with us... brought him up as his Mum was killed by a car and he was just a few days old. Very much a character and would like one of those signs for our street :)

Laurie said...

Pukeko's we have far far to many any one want them? there is a colony of about 20 or more... They will eat anything and cause so much damage to the weekly garbage awaiting collection.
The cats are scared of them and they worry the ducks... I am not saying I don't like them, just wish there was not so many They nest just oposite our house and they screach at night when the possums worry them. oh! the joys of living in the country.
hugs Laurie

Mama Bear said...

We too had a Shining Cockoo fly into one of our windows a little while back. Johnny bundled him (we assumed it was a he) into a box and he recovered really well. He was such a beutiful little bird.

One of our favourites, although we dont see them too often is the Tui, we have has one venture into town and make itself comfortable outside our house one afternoon which was an absolute delight.

julieQ said...

I loved this post! Such a gorgeous variety...thank you!

Meggie said...

It seems incredible, but is true~ these days all we see in our backyard are Black Shrike, & Indian myna birds. We used to have Rosellas, Lorrikeets, and other small nectar seeking birds, such as the small Blue Wren. The Mynas have just destroyed the native bird population.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely birds.......I love having birds around the house..