Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunset .

This photo taken very late yesterday afternoon while walking around the Mt. ( Mount Maunganui ). I needed the walk with a friend and fresh air as I have a couple of annoying pressing problems I am trying to resolve. Not "my own problems" but those thrust on me by others, but I am at the moment the person responsible, so have to guide and be very tactful. One way or another they will get sorted but meantime I don't sleep too well.
Driving home into the sunset after the walk, was just magnificent. Unfortunately I was alone and driving so just had to look and admire.( no photos ) There are some wonderful vantage points going over the new fly overs and bridge that now cross the harbour to Tauranga. Driving northeast towards Te Puna the pink and orange sky against the dark blue Kaimai Ranges got better and did my mood.
Progress is being made with my fabric challenge. little by little stitch by stitch. I hope to take a little time to do more today.


Joyce said...

What gorgeous scenery! I hope your issues get solved asap.

Meggie said...

I think about the millions of feet, that have walked that path, since I was last there. An odd, and somewhat sad thought.
I hope your worries are soon allayed.

Françoise said...

Beautiful pictures!
I hope the problems will soon be solved.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I hope you find solutions to those problems.