Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Local Scenery.

17 degrees C on a sunny, Winter, Sunday afternoon: I have just got to go somewhere pleasant for a walk. Come on, you come too!

We start here at Omokoroa ( which is not far from where I live.) We walk along this inner harbour sand and up over the tree clad rise at the end. From there we get views out between the trees.

White fluffies over Mt Maunganui
Gardened edges; careful it's a long way down and see there in the very far distance, past all the other land outcrops is the pale outline of the Coromandel Peninsula.

We go right through this grove of very old walnut trees, then down a few streets till we have gone full circle and are back by the water.

The car ferry across to Matakana Island is leaving at 4 oclock but doesn't come back today so I think we'll stay here and go for a treat instead.

I'm having my usual Long Black and a plum muffin. What would you like? We'll sit up here on the balcony and watch the kids playing down below.

Time to go now. Thanks for your company and it's great that you walk at exactly my pace. I'll ask you again sometime soon.


loulee said...

What a beautiful walk. Thanks for taking us along.

Françoise said...

Beautiful! Would like to come and visit one day!

kiwicarole said...

Well Ali I enjoyed our walk too, especially the coffee and muffin stop at the end :))
Our day down here was pretty grey and showery, yours looked much nicer.

Joyce said...

Thanks for the tour. Your winters are much nicer than ours, temperature wise.

Diana said...

Thanks for the walk. What a lovely area you live in.

Meggie said...

I enjoyed that fresh BOP air! I was just thinking of the Beaches of my childhood!