Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Not Exactly the Truth.

My little lap quilt for my friend D is slowly making a little progress. I decided I preferred the scattered flower look and am now attaching the next round of 2 inch squares.
 Yesterday I had to whisk it and all the fabrics away into my wardrobe as she rang up ( luckily ) to say could see pop out and get my advice about the cot quilt she is making. She asked what I had been doing and I had to say well...... I really haven't had much time. I have just been finishing off odd projects. Luckily she accepted that. I will confess later when the quilt is completed and given to her.
   I have been wasting lots of time contacting ALL the people who send us mail in the regular post. Our rural delivery run got far too big for the not totally well mail man and his wife to continue doing so NZ post have divided their run up into 3 new ones. As a consequence we now since the first of April have a new address ( even though we haven't moved.) I can't believe how long the list is I compiled and I probably have forgotten some.
 Many small businesses were really good to deal with. I just sent an email and within a very short time had a confirmation from them that they had received and actioned my new particulars. Some even sent a smiley face!
 Ah, but not so the BIG BOYS. No we won't accept your word for it. Come in person with proof. SO I trotted to the bank only to be told by very humourless  Indian gentleman that "No. Madame, our system won't allow it.  That post code and RD does not exist!"
" Well, yes actually it does. Here I have proof - the official letter from NZ Post."
 Luckily our conversation was overheard ( not hard to do he was rather loud ), by another much more pleasant female bank employee, who came across and said she had already tried to deal with 3 other customers wanting to do the very same thing and it was THEIR system that was at fault. It had blocks in place for postcodes that did not exist. Would i mind leaving it with them and they would get their system updated .( there must have been many such customers yet to come )
 Today in the mail we got letters with the new particulars, which was reassuring, but one big firms said no it will just have to stay wrong for now.
 I do hope that means that all the unwanted items through the post will disappear for a while.
* We still have blue sky but now with lots of clouds and wind - an ideal drying day. The storm may still arrive over Easter weekend. The wind will bring down more walnuts for me.
* Percy Peacock is in disgrace, he ate all my radish tops and some newly planted cauliflower seedlings.( R has the spud gun ready Percy! )


Diane-crewe said...

OH! Dear ... hope it all resolves soon and you can get back to "normal" xx

Cottage Tails said...

We thought of you last night as we ate a his and hers walnuts... yep two walnuts our very first harvest.
Bet you are smiling at the number.
Looking forward to gathering lots like you do.

Love Leanne