Friday, September 07, 2012

Another Finish.

I put the finishing touches to this bright apron this morning. The fabric has Tuis ( NZ native bird ) on Pohutukawa flowers. I am back to sewing items for the sales table at our Exhibition which is now only 2 weeks away. 3 years ago we had a sales table of only aprons and the sold very fast. I can't remember how much we charged for them but  it was cheap ( as most sales table items seem to have to be.)  I have another mug rug (pink ) ready to sew the binding down tonight. Yesterday I spent time trying to find a way to package the mugs and rugs for the sales table. I tried cellophane, it curled the mats and plastic bags looked awful so it has come down to sewing the mug handle  to the rug and price tagwith thick cotton. They could easily get broken so I will have to cover a box for them or something  I think. ( any bright suggestions anyone ?)

Here they are laid out - some already successfully matched with their mug. I learnt when buying these mugs  -do it the other way round. First buy the mug them match fabrics to it. ( the sets of coasters are much easier to package.

You know it's a windy day when thick bath towel on the clothesline are dry by lunchtime.

 I have been out gardening ( no kiwifruit work today)  I have just planted in 2 small spaces some snap peas . R grows the main crop ones a bit later ( usually greenfeast ) but I wanted to try something different. The packet says they can be eaten small, pods and all. I now have 3 small areas of vege/herb garden to look after and grow different things to R in the main garden. Last year my beans were by far the best - mainly I think because of the open exposed to the sun and wind spot they were growing in. They grew slower but stronger and didn't get any damping off. Although I still love my flower garden I seem to want to plant more food crops. R even think he might dig up a new patch of paddock down by the bell for the potato crop this year. It will be a fight with the pukekos all the way I think. But a new area is always good and less chance of disease. Maybe this urge to grow more food is because we both read an article in the Coast and Country paper that gets put in our mailbox; an article by Dan Fraser, stating that world wide there is at the moment only 3 days of food for the world's population.( probably 3 months in this household  if you count deep freezers and store cupboards. ) He states there is a looming food crisis, which will have devastating economic and social affects the world over.
So you all better get on with the gardening. I better get back to work as my tea break is well and truly over.  


Diane-crewe said...

wish I lived close enough to come to your show xx would buy your mats and cups... will just have to make my own!! x

Jennifer said...'s just a thought, and of course would mean more work, but how about making a mug bag to match the mug mat? Then the cup could sit in it, and it would be easy to sit up and display.

Meggie said...

Love the mugs and rugs. Just a thought, dental floss makes a very strong thread for when a strong one is needed.
I have had the urge to plant food too, but I dont seem to have any luck, and there really is no garden bed to use.

Nicky said...

Your goodies are wonderful, you've done a great job of matching!
My friends all laugh at the quantity of groceries/frozen food I keep in stock, but living 30 minutes from the nearest shop, I refuse to drive all that way to get anything that is not 'life and death' urgent!! 3 days - now that really is scary, one day there will be war over food, hopefully not in our lifetime .... thank goodness for vege gardens.