Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Good the Bad and the Frustrating.

Firstly. Good Morning Everyone.
Here are some camellia flowers to bring you a little pleasure Meg.
 Camellia japonica  "Jean Clere" an Aspasia macarther sport first found and propagated in NZ.
  All the camellias are flowering well after a wet Winter.
 I think I mentioned on Monday that our kiwfruit had been taken out of the Controlled Atmosphere coolstore where it had been since picking time in May and got packed into trays and boxes ready for export. We are very pleased to find that we got our 3rd biggest packout ( out of the 30 times we have grown for export ) and the fruit size was 31 ( which is big ) so that was a good result. They did find some soft fruit in the line but it can't have been too many and after all that time some softs or rots can usually be expected.
 We have started the next ( weekly ) round of checking our vines for psa disease and still no sign of it ( fingers crossed. ) so that is a second good thing.
 But now I want to rant.
 This morning I went to the phone to transfer some money from one account to another...something I have been doing successfully for at least 10 years or longer. But in it's wisdom our bank, one of the largest ones in this country has made some changes. Yes ,we did get a letter saying changes would be happening but not what the changes would be. It seems because our main working account of our orchard business is set up that both of us have to sign cheques ( a security measure when we set it up many years ago ) we can no longer use phone banking. So now we have to both go into the city next week and change how our accounts are set up as I wish to be able to continue to use phone banking which I find really convenient.  We will have to change to just one signature. How can that be more secure for us? ( it wasn't broken so don't fix it ).  I could however transfer money between some other accounts ...but that is where i wanted to put the money........I do get the feeling banks manipulate us to do what they wish not the other way around.
 rant over back out to the garden before the rain arrives.


Jennifer said...

Ali, banks change things - just because they can. Your camellia flowers are very pretty!

Diane-crewe said...

banks drive me CRAZY!! AND when it is their "FAULT" time means nothing ... but if you do something "WRONG" it has to be sorted out ....LAST WEEK!!

Yes your flowers are beautiful lol xx

Helen said...

Ali, have you thought about Internet banking? I find it very easy to transfer money and make payments. I have never used telephone banking.

Meggie said...

Sighing...I do so love those camellias. A friend came over to help me trim mine- he was much worse than Gom ever was, and now I fear there will be no flowers this year, and maybe none next. They are so hacked about poor things. Quite broke my heart, but I tried to put on a brave face.
I agree, the Banks have a lot to answer for. I always do my banking by phone, so much easier for me.