Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smart Followers and Exhibition.

    My Bluebells and mauve bells (? ) are looking great .
 I even picked some.
 Now you ladies are smart! ( Nicky; Deb; Helen and Deb ) but I liked your idea better Jennifer. Unfortunately they were off Brussel sprout plants - not sure if they qualify to be called Brussel Sprouts Brussel peas perhaps. Some months ago I planted out 6 cauliflowers; 6 broccoli; 6 cabbage and 6 sprouts.
 The broccoli has been wonderful and as I left the plants in after harvesting the main head I am still getting side shoots. The cauliflowers have been great -  4 of them - 2 are still getting there. The cabbages are all sitting and growing very slowly not ready yet, but ah the Brussel Sprouts. About 3 weeks ago the biggest plant had marble sized sprouts but I could see it was bolting so I picked them before they got too woody and bitter. I was hoping the remainder would perform better. NOT SO. They too all started to go to seed, so my only option was to pick every tiny one and serve them as peas. In fact they tasted right, but not exactly value for money. ( imagine eating 120 sprouts of ordinary size! )They are not my favourites never will be. I prefer them hardly cooked at all in a stir fry.   It might be a while till I wast space growing them again.
 Yesterday R was available with the tractor and blade the chainsaw and truck so we got stuck into clearing the shrubbery area around the front creek. I was too busy to take any action shots and spent some time working from in the creek and am glad to say my gumboots, now about 3 years old, don't leak. Something made 2 large flax bushes die...  ( wet feet? flax should like that. But it is the only thing I can think it might be ) so they came out first. . The half that is finished looks so much tidier. A few gaps to replant but as all the camellias there are flowering it looks okay. Today R has a Drs.  ppointment so I will go to the Garden Centre while out ; I have a list ready. ( photos later when all complete. )
 I will have a busy 4 days as tomorrow is hanging day for our Exhibition. ( so watch for quilt photos coming soon! ) I am in charge of the Charity work display.I hope I can make it look okay. 
 In the exhibition  have entered my selvage quilt, my mailbox wall hanging and the last bag I made. We have about the same number of entries as most years. So anyone in or around BOP might like to visit our Exhibition.

           Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters' Exhibition   2012.
                          at QE 11( Memorial Park ) in Tauranga.
                                        10 till 4 daily;
Friday 21st; Saturday 22nd  and Sunday 23rd September.
 $2 entry.  6 merchants Stalls.
 Refreshments  available ( by Save the Children Fund caterers )
  Sales Table and raffles too.


Deb said...

I have never had much luck growing brussel sprouts either. And this winter the sheep got into my garden and devoured all my broccoli and caulis that I had planted. Lucky they are old pets otherwise they would have been nice with a mint sauce!!

Darn, I really want to go to the exhibition, but am head down bum up for the next 2 weeks with my last paper in my Masters. I just cannot afford any time away....certainly not for the day anyway. Take lots of photos and I will enjoy the exhibiiton that way.

Jennifer said...

Now you have told me, I can see they definitely Brussels sprouts! Your blue and pink bells are very pretty. Have fun at the exhibition!