Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Progress.

The weather hasn't been wonderful but Spring is all around. Some parts of the garden are very bright. Both  Rhododendron Rubicon are  just out on the driveway.
The climbing blue pea on the woodshed trellis is just opening.
 Viburnum tinus Eve price has heads of bloom of tiny, tiny flowers. It doesn't have as much perfume as some of my Viburnums.
 I made progress too.
 Another apron finished for the sales table. This fabric has a quilting theme.
The pink mug rug got finished too. Not totally happy with some of the mitred corners on the binding.  Does anyone  have some tips? My corners seem sharper on the back then the front....I wonder if there is a better way?. Making mug rugs there are a lot of corner per unit size wise - in fact they seem to be all corners. I am much better on the corners of these coasters. Here this shows the steps involved in making them
 Top left and Mid top are just pinned ready. Top right is half pinned.
 Bottom left is hand hemmed. Bottom right is just positioned ready.
 They all get machine quilted next to make them really strong.( all NZ fabrics with a blue theme.)
 When it was pleasant outside over the weekend I did lots more gardening too. My thumb ( a bit cracked ) has to be plastered before I start now - that's a sure sign I have had it in the dirt too much.  Lots of weeding; cutting back plants / shrubs; replenishing soil in my herb garden with compost and other goodies. Planting more radish and carrots.
 We got a phone call at 4.30 last evening ( Sunday) from the pack house to say they had just started packing out our Kiwifruit ( which have been in Controlled Atmosphere cool store for 4 months since it was harvested.) We were a bit surprised as there was no fore warning.We didn't even know the coolstore room had been opened. It has about 5 growers fruit in it. R went for a quick trip over there this morning and said it is going okay. Quite a few  soft fruit but also quite a  low packing reject rate. So by the end of the day we may have some packout figures. ( who know how many more crops we will have to harvest with PSA spreading fast all around us. ) This was the 30th crop we have had packed. I hope they market the soft fruit locally as it is very sweet. ( but they will probably dump it or use it for cattle feed. )
 It's a cloudy day today - we luckily didn't get battered too much by the wind like other areas of NZ  over the last few days
* Thank you Meg I will try dental floss - good idea. Hope you like the flowers here today.
 * Nicky I am glad someone else keeps well stocked. I hate special trips out for just one or 2 items. I try to plan best use of a trip and do as much as I can each time the car goes out.
* Jennifer, thanks but I think that might be too much work...especially as things get sold so cheaply.


Jennifer said...

I thought that might be the case - never mind! Love your spring flowers, the gardens are all wearing their spring colours here too.

Nicky said...

Your garden pics are beautiful.
What a shame about the kiwifruit situation, I hope you get lots more harvests in the future too.....

Weather is dreadful here for last few days.... Blowing a gale, and hail/sleet tonight, will wait and see if the morning brings any snow on the ground, I hope not!

Isabelle said...

Goodness, you pack a lot into each day, don't you? I never seem to stop much but never seem to achieve much either. Hey ho.