Saturday, September 29, 2012

A week of .......

A week of busyness and business! Weeks where I don't even make time to blog are not my favourite, but today should allow for some down time.The young ones are down from the big smoke and a family birthday celebration will happen later today ( R's Birthday is on Monday )
 My 2 tone bag ( above ) was in the Exhibition but has been able to be used this week. On the stand also are 2 bags with clamshell pattern made by Ruth Wall. My bag perfectly matches a top I  like to wear. No doubt like all my other patchwork bags it will get grubby in time. They are washable but are best when new.
      Spring rains have been helping to water the garden and wash the fertilizer ( liquid fish and other ) into the kiwifruit.
One of my little Rata  ( NZ native ) bushes is just out.
 I have been growing successions of radish and carrot seeds in this bed in the herb garden. The 3rd lot is just up. The biggest radish has already been eaten ( cradle snatching ) but if you peer at the photo you can see promising red below some of the green leaves.

 I have lots of Hostas in different spots in the garden. Many of them used to live in another spot but had to be shifted when we decided we would shortly be replacing and extending a deck area.
 This is the earliest to come into full leaf.
 This one just unfurling ( Love Pat ) is the biggest leafed one and has spread into 3 sizeable clumps here.
 These 2 must have been masquerading as one when transplanted but were in fact 2 different tones which are now growing much too close to each other. ( job for next Winter if I remember )

 R has been working with the chainsaw clearing several different areas of banks  and shrubbery that needed attention. ( It was getting very over grown and had things that had self seeded there. ) . I now need to do some follow up tidying.
 There are lots of other lovely flowers and shrubs coming onto flower but I'll keep those for the next few posts.
 I have been planning my next patchwork projects but haven't had time to begin. 


Molly said...

We're at the changing of the seasons time here too. It's so nice to be able to have the windows open in the mornings and evenings without having awful humidity crawl in to choke us!

Jennifer said...

When you are busy it can be difficult to get to your blog - life just happens sometimes!