Sunday, September 16, 2012

Worth Doing.

Today, it's been wet so  we have both spent quite awhile taking photos of valuable items. ( these aren't but I wear them anyway )
 Last Friday at P and Q one of my special quilting friends who turns 80 at Christmas time made me promise to go home and take photos of all my jewellery and valuable items. Last week she was robbed of hers and didn't have photos of them so has found it difficult trying to remember them all and describe them all for police. Some had more sentimental value than monetary but she was of course quite upset that someone had been in her home! So my plea to all my bloggy friends think about doing the same ( if you haven't already )
 At 4pm the rain stopped so I went for a walk in the fresh air with the camera.
4 cherries on the driveway.
 Awanui up close.
Golden elm flowers.
Rain on kingianum orchids.
There are lots perched on this old ponga trunk outside the dining room door.

 Now would you like a laugh on me?
 What are these?
 If you can't guess I will tell you in the next post. There were about 120 and we ate them.


Jennifer said...

Ali, that's a good idea - I shall photograph my valuables. Pretty flower pics! I'm not sure what your little green things are......beans? pistachios?

Nicky said...

One of those jobs we all intend to do, good on you for actually doing it. At first I thought they were pistachios, but I am wondering if they might be Brussels sprouts(small ones!?)

Deb said...

Oh what scumbags. It's such a violation to have someone like that in your home. Awanui is my favourite favourite cherry tree. I planted about 10 of them at my last house. They just look stunning at this time of year.

And oh my gosh they look like Brussels sprouts gone wrong! Bet they tasted good tho!

Deb H said...

Looks like little brussel sprouts to me.

Sorry to hear about your friends robbers. It makes you feel very violated to have such a thing happen .

It's always so strange to be heading into fall & see you posting spring blossoms . Cheers, & thanks for dropping a note!

Helen said...

Hard to tell but they look a little bit like gooseberries, the old fashioned kind, but it isn't the right time of year for them is it?

How sad for your friend to have her precious items stolen.

Helen said...

On second thoughts I'm going with baby Brussels sprouts

notHamilton said...

Happy to say I snapped anything shiny in my flat at the weekend - including the camera in a mirror. Thanks for the reminder!