Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Finished in Time.

It has binding. It has a label. You know what that means. Phew, it is ready with time to spare. Although I don't like the brown particularly I think the backing fabric makes the quilt interesting on both sides. Vegetable just might be something wee kids in the Philippines would recognise and know the names of. This little quilt to be donated to the Ruel Foundation after it has been part of a samll display  of Charity quilts & balls at out upcoming Exhibition.

 It was a surprise when this Daff opened in the middle of all the yellow trumpets. It came with the bulbs I bought loose for 20cents each from the daffodil garden that is being turned into sections...(such a shame.)
 These I planted.

 These I got for free. I let both a parsley and a coriander go to seed and have seedling now of both. Far more parsley than I need but surplus just  get pulled out. I potted some earlier and they are looking strong. I gave a couple away. I love to be able to do that.

 We are walking the rows of kiwifruit vines checking carefully for any signs of PSA disease. None found so far here; BUT it is spreading to many other areas ( Waikato and  Coromandel now )


Jennifer said...

The new owner of that quilt will be thrilled with it! Love the daffodil, they are such a pretty cheerful colour aren't they?

Molly said...

Ah! You're making me drool Ali! I have not had a chance to sew since before Ireland. The closest I've come has been sitting on the bathroom floor cutting shelf paper to fit under the cabinets. And that doesn't quite cut it....Some little kid is going to love you for that sweet little quilt.

Isabelle said...

What's a section? Housing?

Parsley is supposed to be hard to germinate here!