Saturday, October 06, 2012

Man at Work.

Despite the truly rugged day here we are getting things done. Yesterday and today R has been using the elder Fergie tractor ( and my one with the bucket scoop ) to make a new potato patch.
 He put a long ponga log  ( as in dead NZ ponga fern ) on the down hill side and moved all the dirt from last year's pumpkin patch here. He has planted Agria and Jersey Bennett so far.
 We may need to install protection from pukeko attack on them. ( as it is away from the house )  R has also been mowing grass and now cooking pork hocks. Busy fellow.

 Not to be out done I too have been cooking and cleaning and walking and washing watching. The sheets on the line got 2 extra rain rinses before I grabbed them in. Today the weather has gone like this. Early wake up call = thunder.  All day high high winds. Throw in some sun just to fool them and then several showers of rain to keep them on their toes. When I walked the wind hustled me and the gum trees positively threatened...don't walk near us or we will send a branch down to knock you to the ground. Really quite scary.
In case you wonder about the is made from a old rock crushing machine. It  has an awesome loud peel.
 The kiwifruit have new shoots this long on the end of each cane..... very vulnerable in this wind. We have been crush tipping between thumb and fore finger the end of these growths. If they are cut they just re sprout and have to be done again and again. I have been fruit bud thinning too.

 See on this growth,  there are 2 or even 3  buds together. I use my fingernail to leave just one. Ladies' fingers are best for this job at this early stage.
 Today I also went to inspect( hopefully ) the young fruit trees. 
 Yes, apple buds. It flowered last year then the wind broke the branch out so maybe this year.
 About 6 little nashi seem to have set.
 The new foliage is attractive too and the shiny spotted branches.
 For a touch of colour. The patch of Clivias are all but over grown and desperately need me to clear around them.
 *  Rugby at 4 am ? I think it can wait till it is repeated at lunchtime tomorrow Dale.


Elizabeth said...

What a busy day you have had. The weather has been pretty much the same up here in Auckland.

Diane-crewe said...

take care in all that wind x

Jennifer said...

You have both been very busy! It must be the season for wind.....we have had a lot lately.

meg said...

Those old gum treesare called widow makers over here. If they get too dry they also drop branches. High winds here lately too.

Chookyblue...... said...

interesting to see the kiwi cliveas should be flowering very soon......

meg said...

Yes Ali. I am meggie. Not sure why I'd from my other blog is being used