Monday, October 29, 2012

Gardening Weekend.

Tritonias looking lovely. I have orange ones in another area which are much brighter. I prefer these pale beauties which look delicate, but aren't. 
A whole fine weekend meant we were able to do many gardening jobs.
This terracotta pot  got a makeover. In the centre is a blue Salvia which I hope will gain a little height before it flowers. Around it are lime coloured petunias and low growing blue lobelia. I have also planted a few nasturtium seeds which I want to climb the frame.( which colour I will get is a lottery ).
 Behind it a very in your face coloured cactus . ( not my favourite colour but it does well - it's old )
 I weeded a large area of the driveway on Saturday afternoon - the weather was positively Summery. Not so today....back to dull and cloudy, with odd glimpses of sun. We had a few gentle showers in the night and the 8.5 mls will water new plantings for us.

 R has almost got his new garden area down by the bell full with potatoes, kumara, shallots and the last few yams I remembered to save. They are never for sale as tubers to plant ( like potatoes ) and I always forget to save some before they all get eaten. I am quite surprised that where I grew my few last year some plants are appearing - I guess I must have missed some little ones. I will leave them and see what they do
 This little compact growing rhododendron called Cary Anne, got a ride in the wheel barrow 2 years ago and now is out near the front gate. It is obviously happy to be there and it gets seen. It was previously growing in the area of our garden that used to surround the dam that got trashed with the landslide. Gradually we are rescuing some of the plants that were left and relocating them as we don't wish to try and look after that large area that is no longer a feature, but is reverting to nature in the form of a mostly placid little creek strewn with logs and wild flowers and rushes and weeds.  Still more clearing needs doing here so it can be kept mown and tidy ( that only happens when we can fit it into our busy schedule )
 All my vegetable plantings are doing well. I now have beans up and the netting cover is keeping birds especially pukekos off. R erected a big wind break cloth fence around his new area.

At the moment I am reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, " by Barbara Kingsolver. ( of Poisonwood Bible fame ) . I have known about this book for ages. Has anyone else read it? What did you think ?
 The parts about Monsanto and what is happening with food crops in USA is very, very disturbing.
It is the journal of her family's year as they try to live off what they grow or locally grown produce for a year. It challenges the world's attitude to food and farming...really makes one think about what we are doing ( or the big boys  are doing to) our world and the food chain. it is quite humorous in parts and has some recipes the family devised.

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