Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Traveller in a Green and Grassy Land.

Much have I travelled in the realms of green
And many grassy farms and paddocks seen
 ( with apologies to Keats! )

 780 kilometres in the  27 hours we were away from home. Mostly on State Highway 1 , but part on the way back from our destination was on an alternative route; Highway 54.
( The most direct course home from where we were. )

 3 views  From Stormy Point Lookout. The top one looking South, the bottom one looking North.
 This is  in the Waituna West area; 343 feet above sea level;  looking out across the valley carved by the Rangitikei River in years past.
 If you look directly across almost to the horizon in the top photo is the place I lived for the first 17.5 years of my life in the Galpins Road area of Tutuaenui.
 The flatter country and river flats are some of the best farming areas in New Zealand.
 On a clear day it is possible to see the mountains ( Egmont / Taranaki  looking directly out and  Ruapehu looking North ) but not  yesterday; as the cloud cover was thick and there was blue haze.

 This trip I didn't take any time photographing the mountains when we went either way on the Desert Road.
( I got such good shots when down this way in June ) The mountains were partly hiding and visibility was abysmal at times. The same coming over the Kaimais late last evening. ( fog and rain )
 I don't intend telling details of the  funeral we went to, as my blog doesn't cover other's personal information. Instead I will relate the funny story of Jessie the cat.
 She looks right at home in the photo doesn't she ?
 Yes, we have met before, briefly at reception  in June when we stayed at the Motor Inn in Taupo. Did she remember? Surely not.
 She greeted us when we got out of the car, followed us to our ground floor room, climbed up on the couch - purred a lot and watched telly. A little later she looked around and must have thought, okay you have your bags in that room, I'll take this room and this lovely big bed. Even later still she sneaked onto our bed and because R encouraged her, I suspect, right into his side of the bed!
 When we checked out yesterday morning R mentioned there had been 3 occupants in our unit, but we are only paying for the 2 who booked. The girl at the desk, looked a bit startled till he explained the 3rd guest purred a lot and left black fur balls on the floor. It was then we found out her name was Jessie.  She also had a look in the car but the girl said she doubted she would have gone more that a few metres with us, as a car ride usually meant a trip to the vet - not her favourite thing.
 Reference: Liberty taken with the lines;
 Much have I traveled in the realms of gold
 And many goodly states and kingdoms seen

 which are the opening lines in John Keats poem " On First Looking into Chapman's Homer. "
 ( Maybe I just learned  too many poems, by heart at school! )


Jennifer said...

Jessie obviously knows when she is on a good thing! Such beautiful country, and so green......our memories of our visit to NZ are overwhelmingly green.

Françoise said...

Beautiful pictures of the green hills. Would love to visit NZ one day!

Isabelle said...

Goodness, NZ looks like Scotland there. Would also like to visit but... it's a long way.

Molly said...

I've always heard that NZ is very much like Ireland. I have a niece who is traveling and working her way around NZ with her boyfriend, and hear from her mother that she loves the country and its very friendly people! And apparently, they love her!
Had to laugh at your Jessie story, and especially your husband's remark about not paying for the third occupant! They do say that animals never forget.....

Meggie said...

Jessie is a lovely cat. I feel homesick when I see those green and rolling hills. I was unable to attend a funeral of my cousin yesterday, and my heart was in the Waikato with all Whanau.

Chookyblue...... said...

gorgeous scenery..........

Cottage Tails said...

ahhh finding a motel cat is always a good thing!