Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thanks and Little Ruru.

Thank you all for the great response to my request.
 # 3 seems to be the winner by a narrow margin from # 6. I personally liked 3 then 5 then 6. R liked 3 and 6.
 I have always intended to make a jewel box design quilt as I have liked the ones I have seen. I will need to do some checking up but # 6 layout reminds me of that. In which case I will make another quilt in that design with selected batik or beautiful fabrics not scraps as I have here. ( I haven't had any further sewing time as we worked yesterday )
Little Ruru ( Morepork )
 Last evening just after dark we were in different rooms but both heard a muffled thump in the back porch direction. This little fellow a Ruru or Morepork had flown into the window and knocked itself out.
 It's heart was still beating but we feared a broken neck.
 We were ever so gentle. It's head wasn't flopping so that was hopeful. It seems semi conscious after a few minutes so we laid him on the wooden seat turned the lights out and went back inside.

 Some time later I went to check. I had to turn the lights on.... His claws were not quite right yet but the eyes were open.

He  ( she ? ) peeped at me through a container that was between us. I moved and whoosh it was off.
 I do so hope it is fully recovered today. I have never touched one before and as it it is my favourite night bird I was really concerned and delighted once it flew off . Up close the eyes are quite remarkable.

 We have had a visiting one many years ago that came to look in my son's window . He had been drawing a very realistic portrait of one for a conservation poster so we wondered if that had attracted the live one.

 We know lots live around here as we have many night time concerts. Sometimes 2 replying to each other. Sometimes on just hopefully calling and calling.


Michelle said...

Oh, I hope he was okay!

MandaBurms said...

We have morepork concerts here too. Aren't they wonderful
Glad the little fella was ok.
Love Leanne